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Is water enough?

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    Unless you're an athlete where optimizing performance is the most important thing, stick to water.


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      I'm still saying (from personal experience) that water only = massive headache for me, but a small amount of coconut water = no pain.

      Again, that's only because I'm sweating profusely and drinking a couple of gallons of water over 6 hours or so, but hardcore athletes aren't the only ones that sweat a ton.


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        For long efforts RitaRose is right on the mark. If you are working hard for more than a few hours, water alone can be dangerous...even fatal. In this years Texas Water Safari (260 miles paddling in late June), the first fatality in the 50 year history of the race occurred. The cause was hyponatremia. The poor guy was drinking plain water, thinking that was what was best for him. He was peeing a lot (one big indication of hyponatremia) so he thought that he needed to up his water intake, making the situation worse until it turned fatal.

        Victoria Advocate | Too much water kills Texas Water Safari racer


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          The only kind of fluid I drink when running marathons is water. And during a long training run anywhere between 2-3 hours I just drink water, I stay away from any type of electrolytes.