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Going Primal while endurance training.....bad idea?

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    Originally posted by UpACreek View Post
    Maffetone's method really does work. I competed in a 340 miles kayak/canoe race last week (72 hours) with less than 150g carbs per day. I didn't have alot of a push at the end, but my aerobic pace was good enough that I didn't really need one.
    Glad to see someone else on the board who has tried his methods.

    2 hr 40 min mtnbike ride up and over a few mtns this past weekend with Heart Rate Monitor and Dr. Phil's training philosophy. I hadn't been on the bike for a month or so due to family obligations, despite that I did well. At the end I even had enough to sprint to the finish even though I didn't need to, should focus more on the cool down period at that time. I am very excited to keep up with this new way of training.
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      I love that despite replying honestly to the op I have been accused of

      1) being against the PB

      2) lacking knowledge, without having refuting any of my claims directly and with supporting counter evidence

      these fat burner threads pop up every week and invariably people link tightly controlled studies showing that there is no difference in weight loss of overall calorie intake is the same, regardless of different macro nutrients, such as this:

      Ketogenic Low-Carbohydrate Diets have no Metabolic Advantage over Nonketogenic Low-carbohydrate diets | BodyRecomposition - The Home of Lyle McDonald

      I linked a secondary source because he explains the study very well in layman terms, but if you want to read it yourself, it's right there in the title.

      People seem to love entertaining whether they can do low carb endurance training without asking if they should or if it's optimal. Primal =/= low carb


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        I am new here and would like to introduce myself. I am an avid distance runner(halfs and full marathons). I believe this is not a one size fits all deal. My training was suffering since nov of last year. I recently went to a keto diet and my performance has improved drastically. Would this work for everybody? I dont believe it would, but it is definetly working for me