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  • primal nutrition for training hard

    Hi guys.

    I have a question.

    I'm interested in going primal but I'm curious how it will effect my training.
    I'm in the process of joining the royal marine reserves and as you may or may not know you have to be unbelivably fit to join and succed at the training.

    Any advice or opinions are welcome.

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    Tons of variables here! Hard to answer, and mileage varies. I'd personally up my carb intake to 1//3 of my caloric load, so my ratio was 33/33/33, fat/protein/meat. But I haven't trained very hard, so I can't be sure that's correct! I typically stay low-carb for days on end and then go higher-carb for a few days - but I don't normally push it physically every single day. Tried to, but turns out my schedule is too weird for it.

    Definitely high-protein, and some fat. But you're going to need those starchy carbs (I say) for daily heavy work-outs.

    Focus especially on nutrient-dense food. Lots of liver (don't overdose) and eggs, leafy greens and maybe more nuts than you'd eat if sedentary. And sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, etc.

    I'd emphasize rest, but it sounds like you won't be getting any.
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      I wont not joining yet. I'm going through the application at the moment but I would like to go primal but I don't know what to do for intense training (just bought the book, waiting for it to come). I'm also doing a marathon in October and want to know how to primaly prepare for that.


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        Im right there with you man! Even though I follow the Primal lifestyle very seriously (stay barefoot, no bluelight at night, the diet, etc.), I cannot seem to give up my intense training (and probably wont, for that matter). I still manage to stay within carb boundaries. Most days I hit between 50-125. What I do, and recommend, is take in most of your carbs around workout time. It seems to work for me and I never feel burnt out before, during or after.


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          you can definitely go primal while doing intense training. a primal diet does not have to be low-carb, and plenty of people here are intensely athletic, professional athletes, in the military, running marathons, etc.
          true, the primal blueprint recommends shying away from chronic cardio, like marathon training, plenty of people still do it because they enjoy it. keep looking around and you'll find plenty of people on the forums who train like you do, and check out the friday success story from a couple of weeks ago about a primal couple competing in iron man triathlons and their success eating primal and even staying low-carb.


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            Originally posted by joshuap View Post
            I'm in the process of joining the royal marine reserves and as you may or may not know you have to be unbelivably fit to join and succed at the training.
            Good luck with your ambition. I'm no expert but what I am finding is HIT exercise is working for me. My aerobic capacity has gone up a lot in the last three months.

            If it were me, I would practice yomping with weight as well as having a go at Body by Science strength training. Strength training as dictated by recovery rate, do some longish distance with a heavy rucksack every other day or three to comply with strength training recovery, and, dress up heavy with that full rucksack and do sprints. Find out what the activities you will be required to complete are and practice doing them. You will need to sort out a training programme to suit all of the above so that you do not over train.

            Make sure you prepare your feet. There are many suggestions, like rubbing alcohol on them, washing in salty water, and walking barefoot on sand & hard surfaces. When you get to the physical tests, really look after your feet. Learn how to protect them from blisters or you will suffer a lot of grief. One thing to remember is smooth your socks out as you put them on so that there are no wrinkles in your footwear to rub the skin away.
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