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Going primal while training

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  • Going primal while training

    I've done a bunch of sprint triathlons in the past. This season, my training feels so much more sluggish than normal. I haven't gone fully primal because every time I try, I feel low energy and nausea (the flu?). I am becoming aware of how bread and other grains make me feel so awful after I eat them, but it also seems to be the only thing to cut the nausea.

    The race is Aug 4th. I'm unsure if I have time to transition to primal before then. I'm worried about not being prepared if I have to skip some of my training due to low energy and nausea. Should I try going primal between now and then? Or just wait until after the race?


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    I would work on finding some safer carbs than bread and pasta. Try potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, cantelope, etc.


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      You may very likely be in the throws of the "carb flu" at the time of your race, its only a few weeks away. Rather than risking it, just start the clean up process now and get more strict after the race. Some folks can just flip a switch and go instant primal/paleo with no problems. Metabolic efficiency takes at least a week, more like three to really start seeing an impact.

      If it were me I would bump up the yams, sweet potatoes and stick with white rice for now. Dump Gluten for sure but don't radically change your race day fueling plan from what you have practiced in the past.

      You don't say if this triathlon is a sprint or longer, that doesn't really make a lot of difference this late in the game, but longer slower efforts lend themselves to lower carb, higher fat very well.

      Use the search function for past threads about triathlon training while primal, you will find some solid advice from lots of folks who have been successful.

      Feel free to send me a private message if you want to dig a litter deeper, I coach several primal triathletes professionally with very good success.

      Have a super race, thank the volunteers and smile when you see the camera man!