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Minimus Vs. Vibram

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    Just my 2 cents on this... I went through the process of trying on several no-heel-drop shoes a few months back. The Vibram's didn't fit my toes and felt like stiff rubber, and I just didn't see how I could run in them. The Merrell's were very narrow and placed a lot of pressure on my arch (and I don't have high arches), but they did have a glove-like fit and made me feel very nimble. They definitely promoted a mid/forefoot strike, perhaps too much for the transitioning runner. If you jumped into those, you might have some Achilles issues right off the bat. The Minimus Zero fits like a snug shoe, had good lockdown and was light, but is rather pricey. Ended up going with the Saucony Hattori, a barely marketed minimal running shoe that does everything right (IMO). Super light, no laces, no heel drop; basically a sock with a protective layer below your foot. They are not as durable as other shoes due to the use of EVA for the outsole, and there is no splay whatsoever. I actually prefer the tighter fit, and the durability didn't concern me because I only paid $45 for them ( had a sale). I might only get 200 miles out of them, but I think that's fair given the price I paid. Check em out.