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Recovery from cycling, triathlon training

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  • Recovery from cycling, triathlon training

    This is my first triathlon/cycling season with a new eating plan and I think I start the day of the long brick or bike ride well, my intentions are good---I use Larabars or Bonk Breakers and my custom Infinite mix. Breakfast is always a banana and either a Larabar for 'short' rides or bricks or 1/2 bagel with almond butter and a banana if the bike distance is over 50 miles. I always carry Gu and a mini-Larabar in my jersey but find that I often don't need anything but a refill on water during the rides. My problem is recovery--when I get home and the bike is all put away, all I want to do is turn the AC on high and sit in a dark body temperature remains high, I'm never quite cooled enough, and I do take cool showers and have also gone to my neighborhood pool for cool-down. This past weekend, I took a cold shower and went and soaked in the pool b/c it was a cloudy day with very low humidity: I was still sweating. My husband said I still looked flushed from the brick. Worse, all I want to do is eat and eat and eat--nothing quite fills me up. And I often eat the wrong things (non-Primal foods) that sound good in the moment, like Chipotle (rice, chicken, lettuce, guac in a bowl) or worse, pizza (we did get thin crust and 4 meats however), then an hour later I'm fishing around for more. Salty/carby seems to be the appeal.
    Do I need to eat something different before/during a workout?
    Is this typical recovery? I mean, I just exercised for 6 hours straight so I expect low energy... but the food choices? (Should I just say to myself, I just exercised for 6 hours, I should eat what I please...?)
    While I'm typing, can anyone weigh in on Salt Sticks? When should an athlete take those? My husband says taking Nuun tablets or Salt Sticks may help, but I prefer the taste of my mix to Nuun. PS I'm in Atlanta, so think humid and hot conditions.

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    What distances are you competing at? Are you bike training to improve speed primarily or endurance/distance? As far as eating goes, try 1 or 2 sweet potatoes 2-3 hours before the ride. Digestion takes time for the food to be available. That should be enough to sustain you for a 2-3 hour ride. Do shorter rides under 30- miles without eating. Need to promote utilizing fat instead promoting and fueling a higher percentage of glycogen. Eat white rice with pork or chicken post ride. Biggest part of my training consists of run miles. The bike work has been interval repeats or hill climbs over shorter sessions. Primal diet training has worked better for me adding intervals and hill repeats for speed and keeping the longer distance stuff easy, lower heart rate. I don't know what to suggest about the afterglow you're experiencing from the rides. Sounds like you are just way overheating and given how much the heart and circulatory system is involved with cooling the body it will definitely slow you down the longer you work to sustain the effort. I think the shorter, sprint interval sessions would help raise the threshold and help when it's time to race longer.


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      Olympics with my first HIM this fall. I will take your advice and train on the bike more efficiently--I ride with a couple of groups and have come to realize that I get caught up on 'their' distance rather than 'my' distance.