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Any boxers out there?

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    I would:

    1) have a decent but not excessive amount of carbs the night before or after your last workout of the day before. Use an amount you can measure (100g-200g, 1 whole potato, 1 bowl or rice, etc)
    2) go to the gym on an empty stomach or on some black coffee or green tea (caffiene helps turn blood triglycerides into free fatty acids which you can then use for fuel). If you don't take any caffeine, you'll use more liver glycogen and could possibly deplete it without enough carbs, which could lower your endurance
    3) If you didn't pass out, repeat for the next day without adding carbs. You've found a good base amount of carbs to consume before your training.
    4) If you felt like passing out, repeat for the next day but add 50g carbs as needed.

    If you lose too much weight, add more carbs. As usual, the clean kind as per Iniquity. Also, try it for a month or two and see where your mood is. If you feel like crap, add more carbs. You want to regularly restore your muscle glycogen stores to full or near full for boxing workouts.

    I'm of the mindset these days that guys who engage in regular, intense physical activity that involves an endurance component of some sort would need more carbs than the normal Grokkologist.

    Oh yeah, good fats, protein, yadda yadda
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      I'm very active in mixed martial arts, basketball, sprints, and strength training. I just heard about MCT Oil and am going to start taking that before and after my MMA classes when I feel I'll need additional energy. The MCT Oil seems like a great energy source vs. carbs. I'm VLC and can hang in my 1.5 hour MMA class but definately start to run out of energy but push through it. Once my MCT Oil arrives from I'll be upping my oil intake. For now I'll be chugging some coconut oil before and after while maintaining my VLC Priial Diet. Haven't passed out yet....
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