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    My body seems to like about a 8-10 day split; doesn't always fit into the rest of my life's schedule!

    On an 8-10 day split, I hit every muscle group 2x in that period with enough recovery to not feel tired. If the cycle gets stretched out to 11-13 days, I lose progress.

    Concur on the importance of compound exercises like bench, squat and deads; although, deads still scare me. Body-weight exercises like pullups, pushups and dips are fun ways to mix things up.


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      Originally posted by sakura_girl View Post
      I like to do bodyweight exercises really quickly until fatigue via tabatas. Are these pretty useless considering I lift really heavy on a regular basis?
      Well if your goal is to raise your VO2, sure. It's not going to build much muscle (the tabata), and you might be over training if you lift and do body weight tabatas.
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        Originally posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
        If you can do one-armed chin-ups or pull-ups, I will bow to you.
        You don't have to bow yet but I am getting there. I have managed the hand to wrist 10 reps each side. I have now moved onto uneven pulls one arm on the bar the other on a towel hung off the bar (10 reps per arm) plus I can manage a 4 second 1-arm negative for 3 reps with each arm.
        Also getting close to a one arm push up...but I do extra chest sets with ring dips etc.
        I agree re-situps...not much use for those...much prefer hanging leg raises, dragon flags and hanging off poles as per my avitar...takes planking to a whole new
        And TBH I am still throw in deadlifts there is something so Primal about them.
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          Also getting close to a one arm push up
          Are you working towards doing that with your feet together like a normal pushup, or spread to make a triangular shape?

          I can do a one arm push up with my feet spread (right arm only), but definitely not with the feet together. And I certainly can't get near a one arm chin up. Maybe on the moon.