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Interesting cholesterol debate going on on Slowtwitch

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  • Interesting cholesterol debate going on on Slowtwitch

    I'm not backing down either!

    High cholesteral advice please!: Triathlon Forum: Slowtwitch Forums

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    Originally posted by Karma View Post
    Dr Rosedale, a portion of Boston Speech at the Heinz Conference - YouTube


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      Thanks for the video -- good one. I sent it to my hubby.
      We're both eating PB and he's depending me on what to eat.
      I tell him, he'll be much more happy with his food choices if he understood WHY.
      He said he doesn't have time.
      Okay -- I mentioned inflammation a few nights ago and he said "I don't believe that."
      I was floored. Maybe he'll watch such a short video that makes the explanation simple.
      Thanks again.


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        Haha, I might have been with hubby on inflammation the first time I heard about it... granted the first people I heard about it from were kind of kooky, so there's that. If you look on the EXTREME of non-kooky publications (e.g. ncbi or something similar), you'll probably find some publicly available pdfs on the sugar-inflammation link which might help him come around to it. Or look on wholehealthsource, that's always a good read that's hard not to respect.


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          By the way, I'm reading your thread... doesn't even look like you need support. There's one CW persistent dude on there REALLY WISHING HE WAS RIGHT, and everyone else is way ahead. This is really encouraging!