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High School Cross Country and PB

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  • High School Cross Country and PB

    Hey guys, I went primal last November and have not run much since then. I was thinking about doing Cross Country for my last year of HS (Did it sophomore and Junior year) and was wondering about what I should eat. If anyone knows of another Teenager who ran/runs XC and is primal and would let me know how they did it that would be great. I'm thinking that eating more overall is best, but also eating more Carbs for the faster pace of XC. If I have a big potato with breakfast and dinner would that be enough? Should I throw in some white rice in my salad at lunch to fuel me before hand? I know XC isn't really PB but I really want to compete my last year.

    Any info would be much appreciated, Thanks!

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    Running on Empty | Running Times Magazine

    Fatty Acid Oxidation
    The oxidation of fatty acids yields significantly more energy per carbon atom than does the oxidation of carbohydrates. The net result of the oxidation of one mole of oleic acid (an 18-carbon fatty acid) will be 146 moles of ATP (2 mole equivalents are used during the activation of the fatty acid), as compared with 114 moles from an equivalent number of glucose carbon atoms.


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      re. fatty acid oxidation, it produces more ATP but it's a hell of lot slower than burning glycogen. i believe that some peole can do endurance exercise if they're properly keto-adapted, but to pretend that it will work for everyone, or that it's optimal, is lunacy. don't believe me - try it out. maybe it works for you, but if it doesn't... you're in the majority.


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        So I get the train low race high concept, but what about when we do up tempo stuff (Repeats) and I bonk halfway through? Even Mark suggests to top of glycogen before speed workouts when training for a marathon.
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