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Anyone out there a tennis player?

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    Currenty watching djokovic kick mayer's butt. I've heard he's gluten free, not paleo. I'm curious on the actual answer though!


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      Originally posted by TLoRu View Post
      Currenty watching djokovic kick mayer's butt. I've heard he's gluten free, not paleo. I'm curious on the actual answer though!
      I think with Djoker it's actually more of a gluten intolerance than full blown Celiacs. I don't know for sure but I think he once said he celebrates winning tournaments with some pizza. He probably tries to train as gluten free as possible, but doesn't sweat it too much. Also, he's definitively not paleo/primal.


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        Hey everyone, I am a serious college tennis player so thought I would put my two cents into the discussion!
        My team training consists of 2 hours practice every weekday and another 2-3 hours of morning fitness per week. So it's pretty intense and requires a good sleep schedule and eating schedule, and I have recently gotten a lot better at refuling after workouts (a lot of thanks to Primal eating!). I happened to make it to the individual national tournament for the top 32 players in the country (also thanks to living Primal!).
        My opinion is that tennis is definitely a primal sport, until you become an advanced/elite player. It trains you to utilize the whole body in a fluid motion to produce the desired outcome of the shot, which is invaluable. Also, the short sprints, lateral movement, and very quick change of direction can immensely increase coordination and muscular endurance and explosiveness.
        However, At a certain training level, it can be very hard to avoid overtraining/injury because it requires you to train full body in a variety of movements including heavy cardio, flexibility, and muscular fitness. (I overtrained my first year which increased my susceptibility to sickness and I did not feel 100% physically for about three weeks). So it just has to be managed properly, but anyone training for tennis can reap huge benefits for their fitness levels.

        For anyone who is interested I am including some of my detailed dietary information: I really try and stay away from grains on my off-days (weekends) and on my training days I commonly have quinoa, all kinds of rices, sweet potatoes, and a good amount of fruit. Fruit is excellent for pre/post workout, and I have noticed that protein shakes do not help me repair much quicker from the aerobic/anaerobic mixed workout that tennis includes (unless it is a muscular strength/power training session). Wheat, sugar, and all processed grains always zap my energy and make me feel less explosive when playing. I eat high fats for breakfast and keep it lower around training time, but usually go all out on everything for dinner. And i keep a steady stream of protein throughout the day so that my body can utilize through it's constant repair.
        Hope this is helpful!

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