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    I used to be against dairy sourced protein but I've changed my views since then. I'm currently engaged in a lean bulk phase and have to say in conjunction with my very high protein intake from meats' eggs, and fish, whey has helped tremendously. Granted, if you are not looking to add serious muscle mass, you do not need it. But trying to consume 4000+ calories a day is very difficult, and protein drinks help tremendously because with that drink, I can add a can of coconut milk and added MCT or olive oil for a mega calorie shake. I should also mention that I am low carb and pretty much only consume my non-green carbs in the post workout period.

    Has this helped? LOL Well, I think having put on 8 lbs of mass in 4 weeks is a good start! I am clearly a lot larger now and my strength has gone up immensely. Abs are still visible, and I've become a lot more vascular (especially in the shoulders, across the upper pecs, biceps and lower abdomen). Since that time, my first set reps have increased by 3 reps. Is that all attributable to the whey? Haha, of course not. But it has made consuming those calories a lot easier, and more pleasurable.

    ON is a great company. They are one of the few (actually maybe the only one) to manufacture their own products. Most of the other companies out their source the work to one large manufacturer who essentially changes the label and ingredients. ON doesn't need to do that because they are their own company. I like their products but their prices have gone up significantly since becoming as popular as they are now. Look elsewhere for cost savings. I live in Canada and can get NZ sourced whey sweetened with stevia for much cheaper than ON protein.


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      I am in love with formulx whey protein.. Is 100% grass fed, it is paleo friendly and the taste is amazing!!! The quality of this product is phenomenal and you will love when you get a chance to get to know the company.. I also got 10%off using a code: fitnessbynutrition.. You can find on their website and the delivery is fast!!!


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        This is what I use Ergogenics Store - NEW ZEALAND WHEY (ORIGINAL) CHOCOLATE

        It doesn't give me any problems in terms of lactose issue. I mix it with some kind of juice and use it when I'm lifting other than that I don't take any. There's nothing wrong with whey though IMO.


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          Originally posted by Wanderlust View Post
          While I do use whey, it's really not too hard to eat 150-200g of protein a day. That's really only a decent steak, some chicken, some eggs, maybe a little yogurt.
          Breakfast : 7 eggs : 50g P
          Lunch : 200g fish : 50g P
          Dinner : 200g steak : 50g P

          Snacks : yogurt, cheese, nuts say 50g P

          Not counting veg or fruit

          That alot of eating to do everyday ( for most people ) to get 200g of protein.


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            I use natural factors just whey unflavoured, and the best one I've found and had shipped in from the US (not carried in Canadian gnc for some reason) is "Only Protein" and I got the meal supplement one; same protein, added nutrition. It's really pure, no chemicals, soy, etc. I also have promasil and its really good, except that besides the stevia sweetener it has ace-k and sucralose so I won't get it again. But it doesn't have soy or wheat or anything, so that is good, and the proteins in it include goat whey (one I'm looking at getting) and egg, so it is a decent blend rather than just being whey.

            I also believe that food should be our only real source of nutrition, but as I have no time to eat in the day, shakes made with eggs, chia seeds, coconut milk and protein powder are better than nothing, and Im doing figure, so I need the protein because I just cannot eat that much!
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              Originally posted by samiamm View Post
              What is everyones' take on whey protein as far as health goes. I just bought this Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard™ Delicious Strawberry - OPTIMUM NUTRITION - GNC yesterday (one with the least carbs)

              I'm just using it to drink a shake at school and get my grams of protein in, I don't really believe in that "window of opportunity after your workout" bs, I just thought it might be a healthy form of protein for me to substitute some meals with.
              Good morning. It really does depend on what your goals are the best protein powder I've been able to find is by progressive nutrition. I take the phytoberry which has a ton of really good stuff in it for inflammation and antioxidants plus some extra fats.

              If you're looking for something to kind of sip on during the day I would recommend a good quality BCAA product. That will benefit you more for just a drink to have during the day. As for a protein powder the science is sound and the best time to have a protein shake is directly after your work out. That's when it will benefit you most but again it really does depend on your goals.

              So my question is what are your goals?


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                This is very nutritious!!


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                  I'm going to try out this and may make it my go-to whey. I just got two beef-based protein powders in the mail yesterday. MuscleMeds Carnivore and Olympian Labs Beef. The carnivore I got blue raspberry to try, it had the lowest carbs, and the vanilla was out of stock anyway. The OL one is chocolate and I used a half scoop to make frozen yogurt and it had really good flavour to it


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                    Whey protein is supplement food that is used in body building to improve fitness and get fit body. Wher proteon include vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fiber, iron and acids that are used to boost energy, build stamina, grow bones, strong muscles and improve fitness.


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                      Whey protein is supplement food that is used in body building to improve fitness and get fit body. Whey protein include vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fiber, iron and acids that are used to boost energy, build stamina, grow bones, strong muscles and improve fitness.
                      befittacoma in lakewood
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                        Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I didn't see this whey protein brand discussed earlier in this thread. What about Isagenix Isapro? It's the whey protein brand sold at my gym, and it looks a lot better than the whey stuff I found at my grocery store.

                        Here's the link to the nutrition information. How does this look? It has stevia, which Mark favorably wrote about in a blog entry. The other ingredients (lactase, alfalfa, vanilla flavor) seem fine to me. Note that I can digest lactose easily so the milk ingredients are not a problem.