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How to prepare to walk 100 km in 24 hours?

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    I just completed a 12 hour event last weekend. I did 40 miles without any bagels, pasta or muffins!
    I ate bananas with almond butter, grapes, lara bars and a baked yam sprinkled with sea salt. I also popped an electrolyte pill every hour. And lots of water.
    My next event is a 50 mile race in April. I'll stick to the same food plan.
    Good luck, you can do it!


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      Regarding treatment of blisters nothing works better for me than a diaper rash cream like Desitin. As far as training goes you need time on your feet and getting used to walking while tired. Back to back long hikes on the weekend. The second days hike will begin to show problems with the gear you are using or weakness in your strength or walking form that will appear when you get tired. You just keep going. Good luck and have an awesome time!


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        OK, tomorrow is the day. I am not as good prepared as I wanted to be, but if my knee won't hurt too much I guess I can do it! Wish me luck!
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          Viel Glück!


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            I can't wait to read how the event went for you.

            DH and I ahve talked about doing the event in Taupo next year (i think it's for oxfam or a similar organization) which sounds amazing. it's flat/hilly but considered quite a nice walk.

            but then we remember that someone has to watch the kiddo.


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              I hope you had a fun time!


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                Sorry for my late answer, lots to do at the moment!

                I made it halfway through the hike, then I had to quit because of some problems with my feet. I felt really good after walking the whole night, and more than 50 kms seems possible even for me. But the pain in my left foot was something I couldn't ignore and was different from the pain from the small blisters and the tired muscles.

                For my personal walking I was fast. 12 hours for 50 kms, inkl. stops. But compared to the other participants I was terribly slow and couldn't find someone who walked with me at my pace. So I walked alone most of the time, and it was frustrating to stay behind.

                I want to try it again next year. I need to work on my speed and my ankle and foot strength to avoid the problems I had.

                I am a little disappointed that I didn't make it, but I started at zero 3 months ago and build up to be able to walk 50 kms, and I am proud of that!
                Turnstone's world - not really a journal...


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                  according to me , Daily Go for walk in 5 km round .. avoid junk food , tobacco, alcohol , etc.,
                  if u decided to walk in 100 km in 24 hours ... then just follow above rules ..
                  regural excercise is best for our health ,,, good health is better health -- remember ..
                  Be positive n relax with excercise .....