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Primal Blueprint-Friendly Alternative to Energy Gels or Chews

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  • Primal Blueprint-Friendly Alternative to Energy Gels or Chews

    Hi everyone...

    While grocery shopping for my toddler recently I came across a couple items that may be useful for the endurance athletes around here, including myself.

    The brand name is Buddy Fruits and the items are "Pure Fruit Bites" and "Pure Blended Fruit to Go." As you probably guessed, the fruit bites are chewy chunks and the blended fruit has the consistency of applesauce; they come in convenient packaging, too, making it easy to use the items in the middle of a run or bike ride.

    The ingredients appear quite PB-friendly, all things considered. For example, here are the ingredients for the raspberry-flavored fruit bites:
    • Fruits extract
    • Apple juice concentrate
    • Apple puree concentrate
    • Raspberry juice concentrate
    • Lemon juice concentrate
    • Fruit pectin
    • Glazing agent

    There is also a disclaimer that reads, "May contain traces of wheat starch", but overall it looks as if these products could be a decent alternative to energy gels and such.

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    They sound good.
    Merry Spinmas!!!