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  • Amenorrhea

    Hopefully this is not a TMI post:

    I have been on the Paleo/primal type diet for three months now and I love it! I have however not had my menstrual cycle in two months. I know that this can be a dangerous thing to mess with! Within a month of starting I lost 10 pounds. I run about 8-10 miles a day and am now tracking my calories to make sure I am getting 3k calories per day. I have not however slowed down on my running because #1 I love it! and #2 I do not want to gain too much weight or get out of shape! I am thin but very muscular so it is hard for me to say if I am too skinny but obviously have lost too much body fat. ANyone out there have similar issues? If I just increase my calories will my cycle return?Thanks!

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    If you aren't having a period and you've recently lost weight, the weight loss is most likely the cause. I also have amenorrhea due to low body fat. I've lost my period before in the past, and once I gained about 4 pounds, it came back. You could try re-gaining a few pounds, and if nothing happens, you probably will want to see a gynecologist.
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      I had similar, but opposite issues. After going primal, my periods were frequent and long, but I didn't feel crappy and my PMS symptoms were greatly reduced. I had periods that lasted almost two weeks. After about 6 months of that, I now have the most normal periods in the world.

      You might just be going through a phase of "hormonal readjustment." Just remember that as long as your diet is okay, you shouldn't gain weight if you were to decrease the amount that you run. You could also experiment with your carb intake to see if that resolves the issue.

      Would you mind sharing some stats? Like height/weight/what you eat, etc? If you think that your body fat is too low, then why worry about running so much to keep yourself from gaining too much weight? Just something to think about.
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