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opb experience with high volume training

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  • opb experience with high volume training

    This is my first post here. I'm 33y old ex triathlete started pb 4 months ago. I started this as experiment to see what will happen while working out hard on below 50 carbs per day. My second tatget was to loose some fat.
    I logged on avg 12-13hr of weekly work outs-running, biking, oly lifys 8x8 style, hiking with weighted vest. I was working out every single day moderate to high intensity.
    First the good thing - diet high in fat was delicious (butter, eggs, ground beef ) and my appetite went down at first. After about month and a half i started to crave more fat. After initial drop, my weight stabilized and stayed same all the time. I suppose i was in caloric balance all the time.
    Now negative side of experience. Performance suffered a lot when doing efforts near lactate threshold. I can live with that but cant live with constant soreness and feel like crap all the time.
    I also developed strange pattern of small anoying pains in my lower legs, knees, lower back. Injuries were creeping out as long as i eat low carb, then i decided to have 1-2 days high carbs and pains go away. After i went back to low carb, injuries started again till i made high carb fays again and so on.
    Finaly i broke after yesterdays run and great pain in my left ankle. Im ending this experiment today.
    To summarize, low carb cant support high volume work outs in my case. I experienced performance drop, constant soreness, no recovery and injuries.
    So its time to say goodbye to fatty stuff and say hello to potatoes, bananas, carrots. For the next few months i will go with at least 45-50% 'paleo' carbs and low fat and see how this will work.

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    Yeah I noticed performance hits while doing 6 days of early morning crossfit fasted on low carb. I also believe my cortisol was higher. My body composition was amazing though.
    Since adding more carbs my sleep is better but I also I get hungry more often and with greater force.
    ad astra per aspera


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      I also tried working out early morning fasted after reading paleo blogs how this is actualy good. It turned out complete disaster, endurance didnt change a lot but lifts started to go down and they were already pathetic from low carbing. I got strength levels back after taking some lean meat before every training session.


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        Do you really need to drop the fat? Sure add in primal carbs, you obviously need them but you probalby burn through 3000 calories per day of more with that much activity. or on Facebook here

        My training journal if anyone is interested

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          Originally posted by PrimalMark
          what sort of bike is this troll roll'n on?

          Mark Sisson used to run 2:18 for the marathon back in his high carb, low fat days. Now if he wanted to on primal and being so well fat adapted he could run probably sub 2:10 if he wanted too.

          You just needed to get fat adapted and keep on pushing thru. Both Robb Wolf and Sean Croxton say it can take at least 5 years of low carb before sugar cravings go away completely.
          I would like to see 2:10 marathon runner below 100 carbs daily. There is big difference between 'He could' and 'He did'
          So I just have to feel like crap for 5 years waiting for Godot? ))))))))))))

          Robb Wolf has changed a little bit his opinion:
          'In years gone by I’d have staunchly recommended a low carb paleo diet as THE best intervention but I can’t in good faith recommend that anymore'
          What is the Paleo Diet?


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            What's with the ridiculous amount of exercise anyway? No wonder you're feeling crap doing all that! It's simply not required and at that volume and frequency I would say it's detrimental to health.


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              It turned out complete disaster, endurance didnt change a lot but lifts started to go down and they were already pathetic from low carbing.