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Going primal and powerlifting

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  • Going primal and powerlifting

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the site.

    Just a few quick questions was wondering if anyone could help me with:

    .01 Are there any any other primal powerlifters or strength athletes on here? How are you finding it with the switch in diet from the old days of eating, eating and eating?

    .02 I have noticed during my lifting routine that when I decided to limit my carb intake and up my fat, I have longer "endurance" energy but I'm finding myself getting very tired and struggling with the last set or 2, getting progressively worn down. Does anyone have any suggestions to why this may be and what I can do to keep my energy levels up?

    Thanks for looking!


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    Hi Tony,

    I'm a powerlifter training for my first competition in May. Everyone is different and you have to do what feels right to you. For me, it's Primal Sunday-Friday and then a re-feed on Saturdays. Although, I need to start heeding my own advice, since I have eaten way more crap lately than I care to admit to.

    I still feel a bit sluggish towards the end of the week, but schedule my lifts accordingly.


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      1. I started lifting while eating Primal; plenty of energy for my workouts without eating breakfast, plenty of energy for the rest of the day.

      2. The actual energy you burn while engaging muscles is glycogen, which should be replenished with whatever food you are eating. Obviously sugars will convert better than fats, but it all ends up there eventually.

      If you posted your diet I could make a better determination


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        At the moment diet is a bit shakey because of lack of dicepline and money so it currently looks like this:


        either nothing or greek yogurt, mixed crushed nuts and honey

        Coffee with cream


        Soup (meaty and full of veg) or

        salad and meat

        Evening meal:

        meat and assortment of veg usually, sometimes I might have a sweet potatoe as well once in a while (usually after a heavy session).


        Depends what I make but usually mixed nuts, bits of chicken breast cut into strips with home made garlic mayo, jerky, fruit, dark chocolate as a treat on weekend.


        I also supplement on lifting days, having a whey protein, flax seed and BCAA shake before and after my session, and am currently taking 3x3 omega 3 at meal times and zinc, magnesium and calcium and horny goat weed in the morning.

        Thanks for the feedback guys, and PrimalJewishA I think I might take your approach and have a re-feed day on weekend. Seems like a good idea :-D


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          The omega3, zmc and goats weed are taken every day


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            @ Anthony

            Well dude, no wonder, eat a ton of carbs in the morning to kickstart your body, have eggs and banana and some coffee, stay away from dairy I've heard it slows you down before a workout which may be why your getting tired.

            (This is assuming you workout in the morning)