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Running and hip bursitis?

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  • Running and hip bursitis?

    I am a former competitive swimmer and marathoner, and though I'm solidly in the "lift heavy things" mode right now I would love to start running again--because I love(d) it. I quit running for the most part about seven years ago because of a knee injury (fell in a hole on a trail), but I miss it a lot. Before that injury, and more since then, I've been dealing with some pretty wicked bursitis in my hip.

    What I'm wondering is... Do any of you have experience with bursitis and running? How often do you run, or would you suggest running, to allow for good recovery? Any specific things I can do to avoid really bad flares?

    I know this question is a little all over the place, but I am really wanting to get back into racing--I just want to do it as "primally" as possible with as few injuries as possible. FTR, I don't care whether my races end up being 10k instead of marathon, though I prefer the strategy of longer stuff. If my hip can only handle 10k's from now on, so be it.

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    Only you can tell if you are overdoing it. Bursitis is wicked -- I had it so bad I couldn't walk, so I'd be really careful and back way off if you get a flare. Personally, I'd look at swimming if you miss the competition.

    On the good side, the Primal Diet is anti-inflamatory and should help.
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      I had it in both hips for months and occasionally feel a twinge. Going Primal helped tremendously. Bursitis is caused by inflammation, so make sure you're eating a clean Primal diet and not cheating on grains and sugar. When you are having the flareups, don't run - it's too much stress. You can do a low-aerobic activity or swim like dkd said. Take NSAIDs when you need to - I think NSAIDs are truly miracle drugs, but shouldn't be taken more than absolutely needed. And don't take them and then go run! If you are eating a very Primal diet and still have the inflammation, try cutting out dairy and nightshades, as those can be inflammatory to certain people.

      If all fails, then you will have to forego the longer runs and find something else to do before you do damage to yourself. Good luck!
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        Thank you both! I will try getting back in the pool when I have flares. It's just not as satisfying to me anymore after having competed for 15 years!

        I'm not cheating on grains or sugars, but I'm starting to think I might have a problem if I consume too many nightshades. I get a little overly-warm and my hands get swollen when I eat chili (not from salt), so I think I'll try cutting those out for a little while if I flare. I deal with other auto-immune things, so I suppose that could end up affecting the inflammation. I actually thought of that last night as I ate a bowl of tomato soup... Maybe not such a fantastic idea when my hip hurts.

        I try to stay away from NSAIDs unless the pain is really bad. I made the mistake when I swam of taking NSAIDs when overtrained/inflamed or injured and then continuing with training, so at least I'm not tempted to do that anymore.

        Again, thank you! And time to get out my swim gear to rotate in.
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          Life is an ongoing Experiment of One, so here's to science