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Primal after a Half Marathon?

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  • Primal after a Half Marathon?

    Hey guys. I'm planning on going primal after I run a half marathon in November. I was wondering if I should go primal right after, the day after, or the monday after. Oh, and if it makes any difference I'm 17 and looking to bulk up, not down. SO thanks!!

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    why not right now? plenty of people are primal runners. you can still have plenty of carbs for your training...just make them good ones: white and sweet potatoes, yams, white rice, fruit, veggies, nuts


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      The last thing I would want is the carb flu in the middle of training and tapering for a HM. I would wait until after the run. Eat whatever you want for as many days as hours it takes you to finish the run and then start primal.



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        +1 on Karma. A half isn't that big of thing from a replenishment/recovery standpoint so you might look at the finish line tape as the start of your new life.


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          I'm with Rob, start the change now, even if only slowly, although I like the idea of the finish line being the start of your new life.

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            I can't do it now because I still have Cross COUntry practice, but right after seems good. THanks!


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              Wait until after. You really don't want to bonk out on your long training runs or the race itself. It's only a few more weeks.

              But there's no reason you can't start with some Primal body weight exercises, and the sprinting will actually improve your HM performance. Just time your lifting so that it's nowhere near your long runs.

              Good luck on the half marathon!


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                Originally posted by Gavin View Post
                I can't do it now because I still have Cross COUntry practice, but right after seems good. THanks!
                are grains a requirement at those practices?

                maybe it's just me, but when it comes to carbing up, cereals, breads and pasta don't hold a candle to a plate full of sweet potato fries or bacony homefries.


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                  heck i'm just impressed you are hip to this at 17. A few more months will not matter especially with your 17 year old runners metabolism... But Gavin has a good point, don't cut carbs, just starting eating good ones. you'll probably improve rather than boink. yam with cinnamon and butter just make sure you baked it for like 90 min. so it's mushy. one man's opinion. have fun.


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                    Do you have any ideas about what I should eat post race? I had an idea about a coconut milk shake and eggs, but I might not be able to get the milk. THanks!