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    Originally posted by donjon View Post
    aren't you concerned with eating too much pro?
    Not really, Most of what I've seen suggests to be right around 1g of protein for every lbs of body weight, I'm at like 1.2g for every lb...not too bad. And I just figured out what an average day would look like. I'm sure some days differ since I tend to jsut eat what I'm hungry for and as much of it as I feel like.


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      Originally posted by TonyJones View Post
      Hi Abe,

      Enjoyed reading your story, wish you luck in your future bouts

      Just a quick couple of questions:

      1. What does your average day of resistance training look like? Type of lifts, rep range, any endurance work, weights, etc.
      2. How easy do you find it to maintain your weight?

      I'm currently a fat 242lbs, aiming to lose a ton of bodyfat but I want to get my weight up to around 200+ lbs for playing my position in rugby. I have a plan in mind for achieving that, but it would be interesting to see your take on resistance training for comparison.

      Thanks in advance for any reply.

      Typically, I only do actual resistance training 2 days a week. 1 upper and 1 lower. I do mainly compound and olympic lifts. I alternate on weeks between power, strength, and strength endurance (not to be confused with muscular endurance). But most of the time I spend "working out" is sport specific. I used to play football in college and I lifted a lot more often then. I'm not as strong in the weight room anymore, but I'm way stronger on the mat. I'm not sure that training for rugby and MMA would be similar; if rugby is anything like football, then speaking from experience, its totally different energy systems and types of strength involved.
      I honestly don't check my weight all that often since I'm always waaayyy under the limit, but sometimes, if I'm not careful, I lose a few pounds here and there. Then I just up my calories for a few days and it seems to come back.


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          That's a whole lot of fuel there. Your success story was great too!


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            Just shows I need to bump up my fuel totals.. =)
            Primal (2013)
            Locavore (locally grown foods when possible)
            Training consists of Muay Thai, BJJ, weight training, and mountain biking

            Would like to be in good shape by my 36th Birthday (07-07-2013)


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              Sorry if this has already beel asked, you say tou drink a double shot glass of olive oil, im i right in thinking thats around 100ml 3.0 fl oz or is it 50ml 1.5fl oz?

              Im in the UK im not sure how the mesurements work in the US i think a double shot is smaller over here.


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                Originally posted by Sterling Jackson View Post
                Chris, did you check the Hispanic/Asian section of your grocery store? I know I've found coconut cream/milk at Safeway, Target, and even Walmart. It's usually in cans at the bottom of the shelf.

                There are a couple of brands on that look pretty decent, too and are priced pretty well.
                What kind of Whey Protein do you use? Plain or flavored? and is it whey protein isolate? Thanks in advance


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                  Hi Abe, I'm just wondering if your success story is available anywhere other than facebook? I don't have an account, and refuse to start one but would love to hear about what you did. I'm currently on a bulk myself, trying to get in 4000+ calories a day and found your daily food intake motivating! Thanks for sharing.