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Reducing Weekly Mileage-weight gain?

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  • Reducing Weekly Mileage-weight gain?

    Hi All,

    Has anyone here made the transition from high mileage to a lower intensity exercise program without any weight gain? Iíve been running between 30-40 miles per week for about 18 years and was slowly gaining weight on a grain-based high carb diet. Switched to primal/paleo about three months ago and dropped 20 pounds pretty effortlessly. I still have belly fat though and Iím wondering if I should tone down the running. I also do a very simple gym work out 2x a week; mostly push-ups, pull-ups and squats.

    I should probably say that I run because I like it-at this point I barely break a sweat and my heart rate puts me pretty much always below the chronic cardio threshold. I have a half-marathon coming up in November and Iím wondering if I could get away with one day of sprints, one tempo run and one long run. Iím nervous that if I cut back to 15 miles per week or so that Iíll start gaining weight. Anyone else have any experience with this?

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    Originally posted by anarekey View Post
    Hi All,

    Has anyone here made the transition from high mileage to a lower intensity exercise program without any weight gain?
    I think you're starting off with a false premise from the get-go. If you're putting in high mileage, I doubt that it's high intensity. Do some minute intervals for a shorter period of time instead. For example:

    5-minute warm-up

    1 minute of burpees
    1 minute of mountain climbers
    1 minute of cherry pickers
    1 minute of tricep dips
    1 minute speed squats
    1 minute step-ups (onto a bench or box)

    Repeat 3 times. Use only 3 seconds to transition from one exercise to the next. No rest in between, do everything as fast as you can with good form.

    5-minute cool-down.

    Done within half an hour. If you're not working up a sweat by the end of the first round, you're taking it too easy.


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      That is an inconsistent sentence, isn't it? I should have said, from higher to lower mileage with no weight gain. My bad.


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        Either way, I still say to try my suggested routine and see if it doesn't kick your metabolism up a notch. After-burn. EPOC. Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption. Whatever you want to call it.


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          Sure, I'll give it a go. Are you suggesting that if I decrease my mileage I should add a workout such as you describe and that will keep my weight constant?


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            Yep. Running, running, running is not all it's cracked up to be. (As it pertains to weight control.)


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              What PB (and paleo in general) says about running makes sense scientifically, although I admit to some hesitation in cutting back, only because I lost about 75 pounds in the 1990s by becoming a distance runnner combined with a vegetarian diet. I haven't been a vegetarian in 10 years though.

              Cutting out grains and sugar and upping my fat intake has been great for my overall health and helped me drop the 20 pounds I gained back over the last 15 years. I guess the only way to see if cutting back on the miles and replacing it with a high intensity interval workout has any effect on my weight is to do it and see what happens. I'm 42, 5'11" and weigh 173. Like to be at 165 with more muscle mass.


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                Exactly. Give it a minimum two-week shot and see what happens.