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  • Derby Girls Thread. . .

    I've seen mention that at least two or three of you on here are doing roller derby, and I just started!

    I thought it would be cool to start a thread for us to talk about our training/lifestyle/etc and all things derby!

    I'll start, even though I'm super new:

    I go to a casual training 1x per week right now, and hopefully moving up to 2x per week as we go (i discovered that there is a sunday session as well as a thursday!). Super fun!

    My current process -- getting back on skates. I can go straight and turn left, as well as do cross-overs and the basic stance while skating, and i'm working on two different forms of stopping (T and also "snow plow"). I really just want to work on developing the basics.

    I am also ordering my pads from the US -- because the prices are better.

    How about you?

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    i'm skating tomorrow for 2 hrs indoors. then sundays are the second day that i'll be able to skate from 2-3. psyched to get two in a week!


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      Hey. I'm glad i saw this thread. Always looking to connect with others interested in/or playing Roller derby. I am a relatively new skater (started 10 months ago) but i've worked my but off to get where i am putting in somewhere around 12 hours a week just skating, now that the season is starting up probably more. I know all the basics, some i can do better then others. Right now I am skating with a league in Michigan. Just passed skill's testing and the draft party is this Saturday. Exciting time, my first real bout. Anyway im happy to answer questions about derby.

      ~Marissa, AKA Doom


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        cool! it's amazing how quickly it seems to come, even for rookies.

        our schedule changed from going twice a week to once a week, with a possible car-pool to another skate on friday nights. I'll see what i can do, of course. I want to do both! And, i'm getting outdoor wheels, so I should be able to skate out doors several times a week as well.

        i also plan on taking our yoga schedules all around town on my skates, so i'll be super-memorable.


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          this is my third season, but I'm just a rec skater now. League practice, team practice, all-star practice plus community service, committee stuff and meetings and....THE DERBY MONSTER ATE MY LIFE!

          Have you guys tried Carmen Getsome's derby workout DVD?
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            No, I haven't, but I think i've seen it (ie, the box) around the other derby girls.

            I don't really have time for too much work, but i've talked to the league about it. There are several other women who also run their own businesses and have families, so we try to spread the work out pretty wide among the group, and that way no one feels like they "have to" do everything. The more you practice, the better, for example, but no one is left out because they don't come to every single practice. Of course, our seasons also go in waves. we usually have league practice all the time (2-4 practices a week, your choice of how many to do), and then during the intra-league season it's 2-4 league practices plus then 2 more team practices with most women doing their team practices and one league practice or just their team ones, and then during the inter-league season (which is now), we field all stars and also mixed (non-all-star) teams for the newer leagues. There are several new leagues here, but also several that are several years old. And, you have to try to be on these teams, so it's an option -- and thus you can opt to still league practice, without having to be on an inter-league team.

            and from there, you go to the committee that fits your interest and your lifestyle. people are different about how much time they can spend in committee.


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              i do know a few gals who "do it all" -- it really does become their life. i'm hoping it becomes part of my life. because i have a lot to do that i can't neglect.


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                I already know that feeling. At the moment though i really have nothing else going so all out roller derby it is.

                Tonight was new for me. Fresh out of bootcamp and now scrimmaging with the vets. what a difference. Totally seemed like i was being targeted lol.


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                  What position does everybody play?
                  I jammed my first season until a pretty bad ankle injury and have been a blocker since then. I'm thinking of jamming again if I can get my speed back up.

                  Let's start a wall-of-pain!

                  Here's my ass on the internet, Hi Mom! Epic booty-bruise. I fell on it multiple times during practice and then my captain punched me in the butt.
                  Cooking Primal with Otter - Journal
                  Otter's (Defunct) Primal Log
                  "Not baked goods, Professor, baked bads!" ~ The Tick


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                    I dont know what position ill be playing yet. Skills wise i can go either way and i am one of the faster/agile skaters in the league so good chance ill be jamming. It also depends where i get drafted... they might not need a jammer. So who knows.


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                      yeowch! nice one.

                      i have an epic booty bruise, but htat's because i fell out of my chair about 7 minutes ago. sad, right? here i am, in my office, and i try to stand up for a potty break, and the chair goes flying and i end up on my backside. ouch. unexpected.

                      there's a practice on tonight, but i can't go because it's on the other side of the universe. OK, the far side of one of the suburbs of town, but without a ride there or home, i'd be in trouble. So, i have to wait until tomorrow night to get on my skates.

                      no clue about positions yet, i can't even stop properly. i'm working on the t-stop, though everyone tells me the snow plow is easier, but should be learned second anyway.


                      and the way i figure it, if you don't have any other obligations, you could do worse things with your time than derby. LOL


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                        Stopping is something i do well, and not by crashing into a wall or someone else lol. I'm not sure plowing is easier, almost everyone i know in the league as trouble with it, but it is infinitely more useful than a T-Stop. The tomahawk stop is the one i love and am by far the best at. What i do for the Plow stop is go into it on my heels, after i start the plow i apply more pressure to one foot or the other depending on the direction i'm going and lead with it slightly. Usually a noisy process but i stop on a dime.

                        Anyway, wanted to ask something. You both are eating primal right? I was curious how it has affected your athletic performance. I haven't been doing it very long but so far i feel like i get worn out way to fast.


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                          for me, it's been great. i mean, after i went primal, i just felt better overall. i was vegetarian, and had moved to a new country, so my diet wasn't fab. i wasn't eating the same way i was in the US -- which was mostly green veggies and some beans, eggs and cheese -- but here, it was heavy on grains, potatoes, cheese, and light on everything else (because of prices). Which means that i gained a bit of fat, and i was quite lethargic and stuff.

                          so, when i went on primal, it was great. first, easy to buy the foods and jsut have a great diet. Second, great sleep. third, lots of energy for exercise -- and we were walking a lot. I would do my sprints home, and did a lot more body-weight stuff.

                          i've only just started derby, so I don't know how this will change things. i assume that i might need more carbohydrates after hard skates/practices, but not so on more leisurely days. but -- again -- i don't know.

                          you are your own n=1 really, so you'll figure out what works for you. i practiced t-stopping on the carpet in our offices. LOL


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                            I plow a lot when I'm positional-blocking because it makes you wide and stable. Basically, if you point your skates inward but don't let your knees come together, you can't move forward. Then if you turn your skates forward you can still slalom in a wide stance.

                            I use t-stops for casual deceleration, but neither of those are fast stops. For those we usually do turning toe stops (which I suck at). I need to work on tomahawks; I wrecked my ankle doing a tomahawk on my bad side =(
                            Cooking Primal with Otter - Journal
                            Otter's (Defunct) Primal Log
                            "Not baked goods, Professor, baked bads!" ~ The Tick


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                              skated tonight and managed to get the t-stop (i was, like 8 for 10 or some such), and also did some cool drills. mostly pacing, then zipping from the front of the pacing line around to the back, and then the weaving drill moving in and out of the pacing line. so, that was a lot of fun.

                              i was showing my husband how the main stance looks like my T-rex impression, and he thought maybe I should be Tea-Rex. LOL