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    Well the draft was yesterday. I don't think any one wasn't drafted to a team but i went first. I suppose that's good and bad, went to the team with the worst record last year but still a great confidence builder. I'm just happy to be on a team.

    The tomahawk stop really does take awhile to get down. If you aren't stepping right and are making a half circle with your back foot, its going to be close to impossible with any kind of speed. For the longest time I could only do that stop to one side but, now i can do it either way but going to the right isn't anywhere near perfect. I tend to drag my foot slightly and wouldn't dare do it at high speeds.

    Its funny you mentioned the T-rex things. A friend of mine had a similar idea. She is an official though.


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      glad that you got onto a team!


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        congrats on getting drafted!

        I was just looking at tomahawk stops on YouTube and that's what we call turning toe stops. I killed my ankle doing hockey-stops on the wrong side =)
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          my butt hurts today. combination of derby on thursday and gardening like crazy yesterday. pulling up agapanthus is a total pain.


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            Hi there, I've been playing derby for almost 5 years and have recently gone Paleo. I'm totally loving the energy I have, but I'm concerned about nutrition before practices. I did open skate last week, and got light headed 45 minutes into it. I did a speed practice on Friday, and made a shake with some protein powder, banana and coconut milk, and that lasted. Is it fine do to this? The thought of a raw egg in my shake makes me gag.


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              I did a speed practice on Friday, and made a shake with some protein powder, banana and coconut milk, and that lasted. Is it fine do to this?
              I'd say do whatever works for you! I find it doesn't matter that much what I eat as long as I don't eat right before practice. With all the sprinting I don't really like to waste energy digesting stuff. When I was doing taekwondo I tried the Warrior Diet and felt fine sparring for 2 hours while fasting.

              Wow, so you're a five year veteran! Got any tips for preventing back pain?
              Cooking Primal with Otter - Journal
              Otter's (Defunct) Primal Log
              "Not baked goods, Professor, baked bads!" ~ The Tick


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                i think it's fine to do that, and do whatever works for you as well.

                when i was light headed (usually just from standing up), it was because i didn't have my ratios of fat-protien-carbs right, and in particular, needed to increase protein. so i did, and no more dizzies. i don't htink it necessarily needs to be right before practice, but. . . whenever works for you.


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                  Thank you for the confirmation
                  I've been doing shakes an hour or two before practices for a year. Practices are either really early, or later in the evening, like after dinner, and a shake seems to be the easist way to some food in without risking an upset stomach. It's just a matter of changing what I make my shakes out of, to be more natural and whole food-ish.

                  Lower back pain, totally know that one. It's usually do to your core not being as strong as you need it to be when you're in a skating position. Try adding a few sets of 25 crunches every day or so, and making sure your core is engaged while you're skating.


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                    had to miss skate because i got another yucky. i was on my side all day thursday. bleh!!!!!

                    but, next week, back on skates. i do skate around the house. but it's a small house.


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                      Yay for this thread!

                      I currently do boxing and roller derby each twice a week, with kettlebells thrown in inbetween. I took up roller derby after boxing and two months in I feel like it's actually improved my cardio for boxing. WIN/WIN. That's what basically amounts to two hours of cardio four times a week, which doesn't quiiite fit into the Primal thing, but I'm having fun goddammit!

                      I usually only eat carbs after heavy kettlebell sessions or boxing, lately I've begun eating sweet potato and protein after roller derby. Two hours in derby stance is surely the equivalent of a fuckton of squats, amirite. XD


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                        it is amazing how much my thighs and backside and lower abs hurt after skating.

                        i admit, i'm taking it slow. i really only go until i start to feel a bit uncomfortable with the skating (physically) because I need to work the next day, which means a lot of moving people, lifting, yoga, etc. and being too sore makes that very difficult.

                        i skate tonight, and I have teacher training (that is, i'm training yoga teachers) this weekend.


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                          ok, i skated tonight, which was awesome.

                          a friend of one of the gals on the team has a photography project, and wanted to take pictures of us. we had to wear streamers. well, i got there too late for streamers, but still.

                          anyway, they also were there to do drills, and while i got there very late (starts at 6:30 goes until 8:30, but i get there around 7, but tonight around 7:30/40), i still was able to do a couple of drills -- like walking sideways on skates, walking forwards and backwards, walking on toe stops, and even grape-vining. I also continued to work on t-stop and snow plow.

                          then, we did our first pass at 25 in 5. I've not done this before, and this is my third time skating. but, i thought "what the heck!" and i borrowed a helmet and someone counted rounds for me.

                          i didn't go too fast because the floor is slick, i had no pads, and i didn't want to wipe out. in addition, there were a number of us on the circle/field(?), and some could go much faster than others. BUT i did do the proper stance the whole 5 minutes.

                          i got 30 laps.

                          and, i could have gotten a couple more, if i hadn't gotten stuck (and thereby paced) behind two girls side-by-side! i was with them for about 1.5 laps. bummer.

                          the other thing that was cool is that i didn't feel winded. i felt that i had to breathe with a bit more effort in the last, say, minute? but it wasn't bad at all.

                          i really enjoyed it.

                          i got invited to a special skate this saturday, so that was pretty cool. i suppose it's pretty wide-open, but it was nice to be personally invited.


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                            big endurance train today -- 12:30 to 5! I gotta pack my snacks (eggs, bacon, and some fruit and nuts) and water.

                            so psyched. a bit sore from thursday.


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                              i do know a few gals who "do it all" -- it really does become their life. i'm hoping it becomes part of my life.


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                                so, found out today that they are running a fresh meat in january, running the skills test at the end, and you join and practice with the league -- but no new teams, and you may be drafted at some point when a team needs a player. so that's cool.

                                my only concern about it is having to commit to as much as some folks are telling me -- which would impact my work (since i work some weekends). but, i'm sure it will work out.