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  • HKC kettlebell certification

    Hey all,

    I'm going to the HKC workshop/cert this weekend and was wondering if anyone out there has done the same or worked with a kettlebell certified trainer and would like to share any thoughts?

    I have been using KBs for about 9 months and only recently training with an RKC. My form appears solid thru the 3 core moves (swing, goblet squat, TGU). I'm only really nervous about the "teaching others" portion and totally clueless about how the day in question will flow.


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    I thought about doing it but I would never leave my "day job" and be a trainer primarily or even on the side. I have worked three times with an RKC II who is also AKC trained (more girevoy sport oriented) and enjoyed it and learned a ton. I've been doing kettlebells for about 3 years now. At some points in my life I have closely adhered to the "program minimum" workout and at other times the "rite of passage" from ETK progressing from a 16kg to 20kg to 24kg. Now, I am just doing things more ad hoc without a specific goal although that may change this winter as I would like to complete 5 ladders of 5 rungs with the 24kg but I am 42 and if I never make it beyond SSST, I really don't care. I have got several times 80 sets of 7 reps with a 16kg on the 15:15 VWC protocol though.

    I'd say if you want to be a trainer or are just really curious or money (I think it s $500) is no object, do it. If not, you may want to reconsider and really ask why you are doing it.

    One of my professors in college said that our field of study was 90% self taught. I really believe that is true with most things. The more you just practice on your own the more you will learn. While a course will undoubtedly help so will practice and study on your own. of course though if you really want to be a trainer and need the letters by your name to help your business, it totally makes sense to do the program.

    I beileve there are 1 or 2 other people who read this forum who are also HKCs.
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