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    I am a recovering high volume, high carb-a-holic. I recently made switch to a PB lifestyle (2 wks) except for the prescribed workout regime. After spending the last 10 yrs competing in ironman triathlons, utilizing a high volume low intensity workout philosophy, I finally committed myself to a strict crossfit endurance workout schedule. With only one month remaining until Kona, I'm a wee bit nervous about the race. Without much Internet testimony(s) I haven't the slightest clue how my 30-45 min high intensity bikes & runs will translate to 9+hrs of competition. At this point there is very little i can do with regards to physical training, however, i still have time to evaluate my diet As a carb junkie I have eliminated all grains and sweets from my diet and focus most of my attention on meats, fruits, and veggies. What I'm concerned about is race day nutrition. Do I stay true to a PB diet or should I rely on standard course nutrition such as Gatorade, gels, bars, etc. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Quick clarification; been doing crossfit/crossfit endurance for one yr and PB diet for two wks.


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      Just out of curiosity... assuming you qualified for Kona... is your performance there important to you? As a former triathlete who will probably never qualify for Kona I'm not sure I'd pick 1 month out to start tinkering with my diet. Why not go this year with the new training (lower volume XFIT) and change just one variable? See how you do compared to past performances on a nutrition plan you have been using for a year - then next year change up the nutrition.


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        Go for the sugar, don't worry about counting carbs, just stay away from the grains. The sugar will be sucked up and used in no time will be spittin energy out. Your body is going to need the carbs, you would have to eat more solid food if you tried to stay totally primal, might be tough to stomach solid food in the ironman. Don't worry, it won't hurt you it will help you!!!! good luck. Kona Ironman 2009 first year primal but ate gels, drank gatorade, coke, chicken broth, perpetuem, hmmmmmmm that was it. 12:10 and felt wonderful the whole way!!!!!


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