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  • Judys journal

    Tomorrow I start eating primal, I debated waiting until after Xmas, but then I would be giving in to a 'do it later' excuse.

    Over the last year I've managed to lose over 12Kg and have gone from XL to XS. I have also succombed to 'adult onset athletics' as the kids call it!

    As I've eaten cleaner so I've found grains to be causing me a bloat problem, one of my friends Chris, who is into Crossfit suggested Primal eating, so here I am.

    30 days to give it a fair try, and mixing it with my triathlon training after new year. I'm training for Ironman to raise money for the cancer hospice in Glasgow.

    If you see me doing something stupid from my food lists, please hollah! Thanks


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    Welcome to MDA Judy! And good luck with the 30 day Primal Challenge.


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      Dumping cereals and potatoes this week.

      Moved it: 1 and a half hours clearing snow with small handled shovel. Dog walk in snow shoes.

      I'm feeling good, energetic and less bloated.


      Fresh fruit salad with walnuts.

      Turkey and vegetable soup.

      Fruit and Veg juice with coconut milk.

      Beef stew (beef, onions, carrots, mushrooms) and mashed neeps (rutabaga).

      Pineapple and cottage cheese.


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        Primal strength: chin ups (unassisted), full log baskets (one in each hand) deadlifts, squats and farmers walk, press ups (full), triceps dips.

        Walked the dog in snow shoes.


        Fresh fruit salad with mixed seeds.

        Turkey and vegetable soup.

        Mixed wild berries, cottage cheese, pinch of cocoa powder and walnuts.

        Chicken, cashew nut, pineapple and vegetable five spice stir fry.

        Feeling good, but slightly muzzy, not a headache though.


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          I had a little ooops moment today when I started drinking some juice and thought it tasted strange, checked the label of my 100% orange juice (yes it said that on the packet) and I found it had added sweeteners (small print). I now have a wonderful thick headache!

          Next time I will double check.

          Dog walk in snow shoes. Lazy day getting ready for tomorrows insanity.


          banana and avocado with lemon juice and raisins.

          coconut flour and lemon poppyseed muffin.

          cottage cheese and mixed red berries.

          the orange juice...

          salmon and beetroot cumin salad.

          1 oz cashews. Green salad.


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            Well today is the last day of my layoff, back to exercise tomorrow.

            Bowl of fruit salad.

            Beetroot cumin and onion salad, hard boiled egg and tuna.

            Thai coconut lamb curry with vegetables and courgette fake 'noodles'.

            Alcohol: No.

            Cereals: No.

            Potatoes: No.

            Coffee: Yes.

            Green Tea: Yes.


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              Bodyweight exercises. It is the start of warm up week for Olympic distance triathlon training.

              Bowl of berries, cottage cheese, cocoa powder and walnuts.

              Beetroot, onion and cumin salad, mixed green salad, tuna and raw cheese.

              Coconut pancake with lemon juice.

              Pork chop, mixed vegetable salad and a clementine.

              Coffee and green tea: yes.

              Cereals, potatoes, alcohol: no.

              Feeling good if slightly muzzy.


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                Sprint intervals today.

                Bowl of blackberries, raw cottage cheese, cocoa powder and walnuts.

                Squid rings and veggies stir fried, with purslane salad.

                Coconut and goji berry pancake, lemon juice and a kiwi fruit.

                Scallop, mushroom and bacon sauce, with courgette (zuchini) fake noodles.

                Coffee and green tea: yes.

                Cereals, potatoes, alcohol: no.

                Felt weird half way through the run, muzzy headed, which cleared 5 minutes later.


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                  Lazy day, fought my way around the market, and did bodyweight exercises.


                  Raspberries, raw cottage cheese, cocoa powder and walnuts.

                  Home made chicken and vegetable soup.

                  Coconut pancake with a kiwi fruit.

                  Chicken and pineapple curry with large green salad.

                  Coffee/Green tea: yes

                  Cereals/Potatoes/Alcohol: no