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Generation UCAN- primal friendly energy fuel?

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  • Generation UCAN- primal friendly energy fuel?

    Has anyone heard of, or tried, Generation UCAN? Its an energy fuel.
    Ingriedients are: Modified Corn Starch, Natural Flavor, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Citrate, Natural Color, Ascorbic Acid, Sucralose. With recently going Primal and new at this lifestyle, I don't know if this is primal-approved or not.

    After researching reviews of it (pre-primal days) I decided to purchase a package of this stuff. I tried it out for a few of my workouts and I must say I was pleased. The premise behind this fuel is "sustained natural energy levels without spikes and crashes" with the ingriedient of 'Superstarch' and not maltodextrin. After using all sorts of different gels in the past for my training, their statement was true- I felt a steady energy level throughout the duration of my workout. Anyway, I love how it fuels my workouts and how it makes me feel at the end- not tired. I'd like to keep using it.

    Their FAQs here.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.

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    I'm interested in this as well. Is modified corn starch the same thing as maltodextrin?


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      Originally posted by vb66 View Post
      I'm interested in this as well. Is modified corn starch the same thing as maltodextrin?
      No, I've heard it is not the same thing.


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        i would say the modified corn starch and sucralose would make it very unprimal.

        however if you want to take it and it doesnt affect you in any negative way i wouldnt let that stop you
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          I just ordered on recommendation from Mark's Daily Apple post about fueling for ultra long distances. Anyone try it out and have an opinion?


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            I bought some after reading Peter Attia's site. I bought both the unflavored and the lemon. I tried the unflavored for the first time at the end of a workday before my bike commute home because I had been having some late-day blood sugar crashes. It seemed to work well. I was hungry but had steady energy. I tried the lemon last weekend at the end of a long (200k) bike ride when I felt like I was starting to bonk. It staved off the bonk, but I was really sensitive to the lemon flavor. It tasted REALLY fake and like chemicals. I would bring it again as a last resort, but would not rely on it.