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Cyclist.. no hunger, weight loss, yet increased performance.. any concerns?

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  • Cyclist.. no hunger, weight loss, yet increased performance.. any concerns?

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to get a quick check on something. I'm training like a beast at the moment, focusing on hill efforts (lots of repeats) and short time trailing distances (between 6 and 20 miles) at 155bpm+ to get my capacity up.

    Training most days with occasional rest days (2 a week usually), and getting faster quickly (very rare I don't take time from PBs, even if a few seconds).

    My diet is super clean, fruit, veg, nuts, proper cuts of meat, eggs, some wholegrains.

    The thing is I'm just not hungry. I'm taking in around 1800cals per day which is of course below even resting requirement. Most of these are before/after ride. I'm not taking anything in during rides as they are usually < 1 hr all out efforts.

    I've been losing weight, around 1.5 - 2kg a month. I'm happy with this and it is one of my goals to lean up, the lack of hunger is making it very easy.

    Is it OK that I'm not feeling the hunger despite the big efforts on the bike?

    For eg yesterday I did 5 hill repeats (1.5km hill at 10% average gradient). Garmin estimated I took 2000 calories. I ate 1900 in the whole day. Today (rest day), I'm still not hungry. Awake 6 hours and have only taken in around 200 cals.

    What's going on here? Any cause for concern ?

    Recovery and performance are fine, best I've ever had, so I'm not overly concerned, just find this perplexing!

    Male, 68kg

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    I have been working on Keto-adapting, meaning I have been riding in a fasted state, working pretty hard for most of the ride, and just drinking water. Today I rode 53 miles, avg 16 mph (for me, I'm 47yo female, that's my avg speed), with quite a few hill climbs. All I drank was water. I ate a moderate lunch of salad, with grilled wild salmon, and homemade balsamic vinaigrette. I have consumed about 1200 calories total today, and I feel fine. I am hoping that my body is beginning to use ketone bodies as a fuel source as opposed to glucose. I think that may be why you are able to work so hard and not feel hungry. I am really sensitive to glucose, so when I drink anything with carbs or eat anything carb rich, I tend to bonk once the glucose is used up, and I am starving after my ride. I have not bonked since my foray into keto-adaptation, and I am not starving ever.


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      Hey I have been paleo for about 4 months now and I too was able to lean out a lot and I produced my best race results this year ever. I had the diet dialed and noticed I could go much longer on less fuel as well. But because of stress, early morning commutes and what I now suspect as mild under eating I got pretty bad adrenal fatigue. And I have been off my bike for 2 weeks and will probably stay off until provincials to try and recover.

      I know the feeling you have when your not hungry. I dont know how much weight you have to loose but don't make the mistake I did. I eventually was too underweight to the point where it wasnt healthy and I know low body fat affects recovery. Also I dont know what your macronutrient ratio is but I was eating a lot of fat and too little carbs. Although you do start to burn ketones I personally should have had more carbs like sweet potato to fuel. I would make sure your getting enough carbs in your diet and add in some more calories even if your not that hungry. Weight loss is good to a certain point. Make sure your still a healthy weight and not loosing muscle like me. You sound like your doing a lot of hard training and I personally think only 2 days of rest is not enough. I did more then that before going paleo... Dont rule out adrenal fatigue and make sure your getting enough sleep too. Keep me posted cause it sounds a lot like how my season was going...


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        When I started Intermittant fasting/fasted training I initially noticed a similar thing but have since stabilized. I would think your gains will start to plateau somewhat but you will have reaped some benefits; increased wattage and less weight. For cycling that is usually a good combo.

        I have added slightly more carbs back into my diet.......I think moderate carb consumption is probably preferable for an endurance athlete over the long term. You might want to pay close attention to recovery......sprint/hill climbing intervals can kick you hard in the chamois so give yourself the down time it needs. I's hard to back off when training is going well but rest is necessary......especially if you are taking in less calories.

        Good stuff for anything(race?) in particular?


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          "provincials to try and recover..."

          What province?