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If you could help end my confusion, I would be grateful!

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  • If you could help end my confusion, I would be grateful!

    Hi all,

    I am currently training to do my second Ironman 70.3. I realize this goes against the prima, theory a tad, but I did read an article in which Mark said if you want to do a big race, fine. Do it twice. Once to say you did it and the second race to beat your time. So this is what I am doing. I orginally signed up to give me a kick in the butt - it was my first race ever; I never ran, hadn't been on a moving bike in an embarrassingly long time. Swimming I can do. Anyway, I finished the race with time (not much) to spare.

    Here is my problem. I have about 20lbs left to lose. Do I really need to up my carbs while I train? I signed up last year to help me lose weight and get fit. (I went down one dress size) It seems though I am always supposed to be eating. Won't my body just use the extra spare tire I have hanging around? My CW friends say that isn't the way it works.

    I do some fasted training sessions, before which I take my BCAAs like a good girl so I won't lose my lean muscle. But am I really going to "bonk" out in my sessions i eat in
    that sweet spot?

    Also are ribs primal- I am guessing probably not so much because of the sauce ... I love ribs
    Thanks for the help gang!

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    I would say that you don't need extra carbs for training. You probably will during the event to keep from bonking. While training, work on getting your body to burn fat.

    What I told you about the 10k applies here too. Primal is about short, intense training, except for the "move a lot slowly." I imagine you have read Mark's account of finishing 4th in the Hawaiian ironman after mostly retiring from competitive distance events and doing light training. Less can be more.

    Ribs with sugary sauce full of high fructose corn syrup = bad. Ribs barbecued with a rub and dipped in healthy sauce = heaven. I make a very simple sauce. Tomato paste, balsamic vinegar, chipotle powder and/or smoked paprika. Could add a bit of honey, stevia, etc.

    Good luck on the Ironman.
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