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  • Inline skate marathons

    Primal n00b here. Are there any other skaters hanging around?

    I just recovered from my first crash (1 in 20 years ain't bad). I've got new racing skates and I'm preparing for my favorite race, Northshore Inline Marathon. My goals are to skate cleanly and quickly. Based on the PB I won't be cramming in mileage, but I do plan on mixing in fartleks and sprinting.

    Are there other wheeled-Groks with training tips?

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    Did anyone else skate the North Shore Inline this past weekend? My preparation was woefully inadequate, skates not yet broken-in, and I was blessed with an annoying rhinovirus. However, I completed it just shy of my goal time with the knowledge that I'll have a year of clean-living in by next year's race. I'm committed to a substantially faster PR next year.