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Food for week-long bike tour

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  • Food for week-long bike tour

    I'm thinking of doing a 7-day bike tour in Colorado next year. It averages 70-100 miles per day including substantial climbing, so I'll need adequate calories to get through it feeling good. I have the option to buy breakfast & lunch but know it will not be in keeping with what I typically eat (full Paleo, no dairy except ghee, lots of vegetables, some fruit, good protein, fat, and sweet potatoes for pre- and post-ride fuel).

    One idea is to take a small backpacking stove and some cookwear and cook supplementary food for breakfast & dinner - scrambled eggs for breakfast, boiled sweet potatoes for some starch at breakfast & dinner, and maybe some individual packets of nut butter.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has done something similar and how they managed to keep Paleo, or at least reasonably close.

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    I've never done anything like that, but I've thought about what I'd bring with me when I finally go on my long-anticipated extended hiking journey. I think if I had lots of time to prepare, I'd make a ton of jerky and also dehydrate lots of sweet potatoes to be my staples. Or maybe try to find some economical sweet potato powder. White potatoes would also do, I just prefer the taste of sweets. I'd also dry some fruit for variety. I'd make pemmican too for a fat source. Coconut flakes could also serve this purpose. That's all I've got. Good luck!

    Oh, and welcome to the forum!


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      The closest to this I've done is a day of trudging through a snowstorm in the middle of a 2 day fast. I doubt fasting for a week would work though.
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        hi, I just did a 9 day, 1000 mile trip on my bike down the length of britain - I'm normally about 80% primal but on the ride I ate pretty much **everything** ;D

        I had eggs and bacon every morning, with a small piece of bread used as a 'butter delivery tool' to get as much butter down me as was socially acceptable. Mid-morning (normally after 30-40 miles), we'd stop for fuelling and it would be a chicken sandwich, some salami, some potato chips (for the salt) and some chocolate. After another 30-40 miles we'd stop again for a similar feed, then at the end of each day we'd have a recovery drink within about 30 minutes of stopping (somethign like this: Recovery Drink ) then a huge dinner of meat and veggies in the evening, with some isotonic beer

        I tried to avoid wheat-based food, so very little pasta or bread, but plenty of potatoes and rice. I ate bread during the day as I figured it'd be burned off in the next couple of hours anyway. I had some energy gels for emergencies along the way but only needed them 2 or 3 times.

        The most important meals of the day, I found, were breakfast and the recovery drink when I finished. People who didnt eat enough in the morning were normally exhausted by lunch and those who didnt take the recovery drink were struggling early the next morning.

        Cooking your own food sounds like a bit too much hassle to me, will there be anyone helping you along the way? If there is, I'd just ask them for lots of eggs and butter in the morning. If not, I guess I'd take extra protein bars and some nut butter, but you're going to be burning about 5k calories extra every day so you need to eat *a lot* of everything.. Have you done enough riding to recognise the signs of needing to eat? It's ugly if you push it too hard beyond that and can mess up the whole week. Eat a lot.