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Carbo-loading before races?

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  • Carbo-loading before races?

    Hi! I'm interested in going primal but one of my main concerns is that I row competitively for my school's crew team and my team has a tradition of carbo-loading on pasta and bread the night before races in order to fill up energy stores. Does carbo-loading have a significant effect on race performance? And if it is a good thing to do, are there alternatives to pasta and bread that are just as effective?

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    Just as effective if not more effective yes.
    Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries.
    I don't carb up currently because I love eating at 20 to 50grams a day.
    But those are better alternatives to the anti-nutrient sources that you have been carboloading on in the past.


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      If you are going to carb-load I would use sweet potatoes, white potatoes, rice, rice pasta and possibly quinoa as oppsed to bread and normal pasta.
      I play lacrosse and I used to carb-load before games. Since going Primal I don't do that anymore, I just eat a 20oz rib-eye about 3 hours before a game (with some broccoli or other vegetable) and have no problems. But, I use fat efficiently and carbs just usually make me tired now. It's amazing what your body can do once you get it running right.
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        If you are going to carb load, I have heard that the time to do it is two nights before the event rather than the night before. If you get switched from relying on carbs to mostly fat burning, it probably isn't necessary. Having a bit of carb just before the event may help, like half a banana.

        The key is to experiment and find what is best for you.
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