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Need advice for roller derby practices

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  • Need advice for roller derby practices

    I have been eating primarily primal for a while now. After getting onto a roller derby training team I found I was bonking a lot and losing energy. Practices are 2 hours long and now up to 4 days a week. I also started doing Crossfit several days a week. I was sedentary when i started 6 months ago so still working my way up to athlete status.

    I have found the Clif shots before and during practice have helped a ton (felt like major blasphemy at first). I have printed out Cordain's "A Quick Guide to the Paleo Diet for Athletes." Is the book worth buying?

    I'm a little overwhelmed by trying to adjust to the new carb requirements. I also really need to lose 20 to 30 pounds to improve my endurance and I have always struggled with weight loss, so the carb thing is scary. It seems the primal diet serves merely to prevent me from gaining weight. The minute I go off it, as i sometimes do, the weight piles on. I'm a 44 female with a history of weight/eating disorder issues, so i'm sure that plays into it.

    Anyway, I would like tips on which sports drinks you like and what supplements, if any, you use to help with recovery etc. A friend has recommended HMB, BCAA, KreAlkalyn, and creatine. Sports nutrition is new to me.

    I will keep reading, but thanks for any input!

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    Also, seems like the only carb source I keep hearing about is yams and sweet potatoes. Does that not get boring? Do you just cook a bunch ahead of time to have on hand? Now Mercola has me scared of fruit and fructose.


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      Hooray for 40-something derby girls!
      I think because derby practice involves so much sprinting that you burn sugar which causes you to bonk. Part of it may be just adjusting to derby + primal, I didn't really have a problem during practice (and I used to jam). I think it would be safe to up your carbs a little bit, but you may want to measure/weigh and track your carbs so you see how much you need to maintain your energy and still lose weight.

      As for supps: HMB and BCAA are for recovery ( I never noticed any enhanced recovery with them), KreAlk and Creatine are essentially the same thing (various forms of creatine) which can help your muscles produce more force if you can deal with the gassiness (and the enhancement goes away when you stop taking it). Some of the girls on my team used to swear by NoXplode. I'm a big supplement freak but I think the only thing that really helped my recovery was rest and stretching.

      The most helpful thing for performance that I found were sprints (off-skate, on a bike or running -- not on the elliptical). I find that if you really push it, it gets you used to working at 90+% of your heartrate with the associated heat and discomfort. After a while, you get into shape so your legs and lungs don't even burn anymore no matter how hard you go. If you get used to doing 20 minutes of sprints, a 2 minute jam will feel like nothing.
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        i'm not into supplements, but here are the heavier carbs that my husband and I eat to keep up with our activity levels (and i've only just started derby):

        butternut squash, pumpkin, and related squashes;
        potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yams;
        root veggies of all kinds.

        the main thing is to watch your cals in/out process -- make sure you are getting enough protein, enough fat, enough carbohydrate for you. and stay hydrated!


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          Thanks for the replies! How fun to meet other derby girls on here. I think I will skip the supplements, they are too $$$. I also need to get some yams/squash going as I have been using Kind bars and Clif Shots. I am worried about overdoing the carbs bc you're right, many practices are more a series of sprints so I might not need as many carbs as I think. Crossfit is super sprint intense, at least for me, so I'm hoping that pays off. I am in a phase of experimenting. Once I have something dialed in I'll have to repost.


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            This might sound crazy - but I swear coconut gives me an energy boost. I make coconut bark (here are details)

            Homemade Coconut Butter. F Yeah. | theclothesmakethegirl

            I pour it onto wax paper and let it harden in the fridge and then break it into pieces.

            When I was doing evening practices for derby and couldn't eat dinner before I'd grab some of that and usually felt better.


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              It is great you found something you enjoy, and is active at the same time. Be careful though. Going from inactive to roller derby 4 times a week, crossfitting, and a diet change can lead to overtraining and burnout. Be sure to listen to your body, and get enough sleep. I help train endurance athletes, and many times we see someone go from inactive to training for a marathon, and end up overtrained, and injured.

              Be careful, and enjoy your new active and fun lifestyle.
              Merry Spinmas!!!