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Any Outrigger Paddlers Here? Long distance season is here.

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  • Any Outrigger Paddlers Here? Long distance season is here.

    I'm new here and was wondering if anyone has food recommendations for fueling on long distance races. ( 19-30 plus miles)
    This is my first season, and was thinking of eating poi, coconut water, plus plain water as energy foods,maybe some fruit.
    Traditionally most athletes use goo and gatorade and water.
    I'd appreciate any thoughts!

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    Sort of a different, though maybe related, question. I have already built a 10 foot jon boat and a 14 foot drift boat. Now I am thinking of making a Hawaiian sailing outrigger canoe. Can't decide on a shunt or tack model. Any suggestions?
    Tayatha om bekandze

    Bekandze maha bekandze

    Randza samu gate soha


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      Unfortunately I have no knowledge of boat building and or sailing. Sorry! It sounds like a wonderful project and what a way to travel!
      I paddle OC-6 ( 6 person canoe). If you are interested this is the type of race that will done.
      ‪2007 Na Wahine O Ke Kai & Molokai Hoe Canoe Race‬‏ - YouTube
      Thank you for your reply!


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        I live "Primal/Paleo"... the only exception is on the mornings of a race i will eat a small bowl of Steelcut oatmeal with a small banana with a handful of raisins on, using water instead of milk, the day before i drink plenty of water and make a "Chia seed" gel to drink enroute to the race, once at the race site, i will sip on a coconut water and eat another banana... thats for an "Iron" race. For a "9 man" i will pretty much do the same except on the escort boat i will have a coconut water that i can sip, bottles of water and in ziplocks ill have diced up fresh pineapple and cooked egg whites... both foods are easy to eat and light on the belly... works for me! Any other questions please feel free to contact me.