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thoughts on carb intake for my level of activity

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  • thoughts on carb intake for my level of activity

    On an average day i will take at least 2-3 walks of 20 min or sometimes longer and i generally go rollerblading as well for half an hour and on 3 of the days i do 2 cycles of pushups,chinups/pullups,squats,planks and jacknifes(soon to be handstands),i will be increasing this to at least 3 times a week one of my walks being more of a light jog and sprints once a week...i also will probably on 2 of the days when im not doing my 2 cycles of primal training(which is strength/endurance) do very very intense 10 min max sessions of 2 body parts or my core...all of my training stays well below an extremely lean naturally its almost impossible for me to gain any weight so i was wondering what peoples take on how many carbs i should intake? 150 seems low to me i dont see myself gaining weight at 200grams even if i didnt doo all my training...thoughts?

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    Well, try different amounts and see what happens.

    Why do you want to add weight? What do you mean by "weight"? Fat or muscle?
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      im not interested in gaining any fat...and i dont even know how to it just doesnt happen with my body lol id like to gain some more muscle mass for sure but really the carb intake is more in relation to keeping my energy and strength levels at maximum! i run relatively ok off fat but i still have major swings all the time and im thinking it may be because im so active and my carb intake is so low!


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        Low carb intake should keep your blood sugar levels very consistent. When do you experience these swings?


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          What's your:

          Waist size?
          Are you looking to lean out more or bulk up?
          Goal weight?
          How many "intense days" do you have (squat/bench, deads/shoulders/back, HIIT)?
          How many "easy days" do you have (cardio and body weight stuff)?
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            im 6 foot 140 pounds..waist is a 30 like to bulk up but not in a fat way just pure muscle mass but its really not priority i really am just looking to maximize energy and strength! as for how my training is i posted it up top! i dont train in the gym i do only body weight..which i do not consider an "easy day" if anything comparably when i did train in the gym those were easy with your own weight at high repititions with no rest is a killer lol im eventually going to be adding weighted vests to all my bodyweight exercises so trust me there is always going to be stress on my body to well as 2 days where i will be hitting lets say chest/back with weights i have at home but it will be very intense 10 min supersets of 2 exercises each body part! and the energy swings seem to be erratic i keep a food journal and i just cant seem to figure it out...the same food that gives me energy one day poops me out the sure ill figure it out one day but for now im at a loss..the only thing i know is that im very active and i know i need lots of fat for most of my energy but would it be worth it at my weight to add more then the 150 prescribed by mark?


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              I would recommend you follow the link in my signature and read up. Since you're bulking and I'm cutting, I recommend you do the same thing I do but eat a lot more.

              The short explanation: I'll assume you eat 3 meals a day. We'll assume you're like the average guy that eats breakfast, lunch, comes home from work, works out, then eats dinner.

              Meal 1: Half a pound lean protein, green veggies, a piece of fruit.
              Meal 2: Half a pound lean protein, green veggies, 50g starch.
              Meal 3: At LEAST a pound of lean protein, 150-200g starch, 1 piece of fruit.

              I would follow that plan on my three hardest workout days. I hate to use the word "calories" since they have little meaning in terms of the body, but in terms of quantity of food, on these hard days, you should probably eat 3,000 or so calories at your size.

              On your easier days or off days, I'd go more like this:

              Meal 1: Fattier cut of protein, green vegetables
              Meal 2: Fattier cut of protein, green vegetables
              Meal 3: Fattier cut of protein, green vegetables

              On those days, your "calories" would be more like 2,200.

              On the 3 heavy workout days, keep fat low. Think 60g of less. That means trimmed chicken breast and lean fish. Great carb sources are white rice, white potatoes and sweet potatoes. My favorite is white rice.

              On the 4 light days, pick steak, pork, chicken thighs, fatty fish and the like for your protein sources. Don't eat any starch. Try and avoid fruit, but a serving a day won't kill you.

              This will give you the effect of calorie cycling, carb cycling and you'll have the benefit of taking in all your starch with empty glycogen stores on your hard workout days. That means you won't be storing them as fat, you'll just be keeping your muscles full for workouts while obtaining that beneficial insulin surge. Except you'll be storing lots of protein since the carbs get tucked away in your muscles. The calorie cycling effect allows you to overeat on training days, and the off days wind up averaging out the week to a very modest overfeed. That'll help limit fat storage. Hell, you may even lose fat.

              Obviously, tune this plan to your lifestyle and eating habits, but I think something like this would work for you. You can see what I'm talking about if you follow my 72 hour refeed. I lump my 3 hardest days together so I carb up heavily for 72 hours, then detox the next 4. I feel this works the best and supercharges my leptin production.
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              Don't put your trust in anyone on this forum, including me. You are the key to your own success.


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                hmm i like the idea of raising my carb intake solely on my 3 most intense days..makes sense and itll give me a more variety ...ill have to play around with it because of my schedule but sounds good! thanks!