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Pilates exercise for preventing sport injury

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  • Pilates exercise for preventing sport injury

    I have started this thread for general discussion about the pilates exercise.

    Most of the players have been suffering from sport injury. Sport injuries are due to overuse of a part of the body when participating in a certain activity. For example legs, knee, shoulder injury for every sport player. Injuries are a common occurrence in sport professional, and that will badly affect on their performance and ultimately on their career.

    Pilates is an exercise for both your mind and your body. The exercises are designed to increase your overall muscle tone while exercising, that you can improve your pelvic muscle and well-being simply by being more aware of the ways that your body moves and works.

    Basics of Pilates exercise:
    • Pilates exercise prevent muscle imbalance, which is the cause of most chronic sports-related injuries.
    • Pilates Exercises is designed to help muscles work together to create smooth, fluid motions. By practicing these motions and incorporating them into your habitual movements, you create an unconscious, body-wide safeguard against exhaustion and muscle strain.
    • Pilates exercise is helpful for awareness of your whole body, you can feel it when individual muscles and joints should feel when they are working properly.
    • It is helpful for improving posture; Posture contributes a great deal to overall physical balance. Pilates London exercises strengthen the body's core, which is the control center for overall posture.

    Does any one have a experience of pilates for preventing sport injury. Though appreciated.

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    I have not done Pilates, though I have been considering it for the reasons you mentioned.

    I met a couple who started a Pilates studio nearby. They are both former NY City Ballet dancers. After a 20+ year ballet career they were nearly crippled. Now they are amazingly fit. They credit Pilates with restoring their bodies.



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      I'm a regular yoga practitioner (starting my 200-hour Hatha training this fall) and I've always wanted to try pilates. I do know from experience that yoga has very similar effects, and that many of my own teachers came from traditional fitness background to yoga looking for a way to recover/avoid future sports-related injury.