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going to bjj class with poison ivy?

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  • going to bjj class with poison ivy?

    I got one itchy poison ivy patch on my wrist. I can probably cover it up with cloth and a band-aid, but it feels weird having to hide something and I freak out when someone grabs my wrist that their gonna rip off the band-aid and freak out. Its kinda gross looking.

    I went once before with it and had a hard time keeping the bandaid i relaize that was probably pretty stupid after reading about staph infection...

    so should I just wait till it clears up? or cover it as best I can and go?

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    Can you wear boxing gauze/wraps?


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      yeah probably...i know in Muay Thai they do but i dont remeber if I saw anyone wearing e during bjj. I don't have any but that's what the cloth is for. Was just gonna put a band-aid on it and wrap cloth around my wrist


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        I'd say skip till it's cleared up.
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          ok i saw the title and thought they have classes for that?!?
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            Skip it... would you want to roll with someone with poison ivy?


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              Call your instructor. Explain. Ask if they have recommendations, or if you should skip, or just come watch that time.
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                So i hope the patch is gone by now right? So did you go or not?