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Dropping last bit of abdominal fat?

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  • Dropping last bit of abdominal fat?

    I am a new advocate and enthusiast for this lifestyle and since starting a week ago (paleo) i have noticed longer times to fatigue at higher end intensity exercise i.e. my 100m sprints and recovery between each sprint as well as my endurance sessions.
    I am currently training for the 10km road races (running) and am lost when it comes to dropping my last "noticeable" bit of fat.
    I am currently 165lb and about 10%bf.
    Runners are 'lean'. No fat(or little amount)
    My eating is as follows:

    2 whole eggs, 4 egg white omlete with baby spinach and mushroom in it.

    1/3 cup of sunflower/pumpkin seeds
    1 scoop (30g) grass fed Whey isolate (used to meet protein intake)

    200g organic chicken thighs (with chilli powder and garlic powder for taste) grilled
    1 cup steamed brocolli
    1 cup steamed cauliflower rice
    1 tablespoon of dressing (cold pressed organic olive oil,dash of apple cider vinegar and squeezed lemon juice)

    Pre workout:
    1/2 serve grass fed whey isolate
    10ml of cocount oil

    Salmon with garlic and lemon juice
    250g mixed greens ( broccoli or baby broccoli and asparagus
    1/4 Avacado
    handful of almonds (25-45g) depending on handsize

    Training is 5 times a week for aerobic at 70-90% intensity (monstly a staggered HIIT) between 30 and 45 mins. 1 of those days is a recovery day at 145bpm for 1 hour
    2-3x's a week bodyweight workout as well as with a kettlebell for strength.

    Any thoughts as to what may help?

    Thank you so much and keep spreading the word about PALEO/PRIMAL LIVING

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    Everything I have read/listened to seems to indicate that when your training for performance you may not be in optimal position to lean out, and if you are focused on leaning out you will not be in an optimal position to perform. I know I have heard Robb Wolf mention this in some of his podcast before. I am just mentioning this to put it out there for your info, as I am not sure which is your highest priority the 10k or leaning out. The two things I am seeing in your diet that I have seen or heard others mention is, why the egg white omlette and not do the whole eggs? Also consider dropping out the whey and getting the protein from an actual meat source I know i have heard/read these can be antagonistic for people trying to lean out. I know if your over training it can keep your coritsol levels high which will keep fat accumulating around the midsection. Not sure if any of this applies to you but maybe its something else to do a little digging on.


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      As a competitive runner you might not want to lose that last little bit of fat. While being incredibly lean is nice for the ego and the appearance, it is actually not the healthiest for you. Especially if you are an athlete you might want to reconsider losing that last little bit because it might hurt your performance.


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        thanks. Looks wise i want to but i know my optimal performance will be better if i stay where im at. Just wanted to know if i could tweak a few things like Critta responded to. What sources would be optimal for dropping whey and still keeping up protein thats portable? I was mixing the Acai and maca powder into my shake.
        I enjoy running and running fast.
        Critta, in response to the egg whites, i try at stay at 2 whole eggs and 4 whites extra as i dont want to over indulge on sat fats even though they are a good sat fat, very caloric dense and i use coconut oil for cooking and in my pre workout fruit and veggie juice.

        Thanks both you guys for the info.
        Any other bits of advice, please share as im still learning about this paleo and what works best for me in regards to pre workout meal/drink for optimum performance.