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SPARTAN - Tuxedo NY June 4th

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  • SPARTAN - Tuxedo NY June 4th

    Anybody participating? I'll be there with my gf and two friends, be nice to meet any of you if you are. I'll be volunteering at one of the registration tents in the morning and doing the 1pm heat so if you're going let me know!
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    What is it?
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      SPARTAN RACE Obstacle Racing - Spartan Sprint & Super Spartan obstacle course trail races and the Spartan Beast and Death Race endurance race

      It's basically an obstacle course/race. The one I did yesterday was about a 5k with 18 obstacles ranging from pretty mild to what-the-fuck. They did not play around with some of these obstacles. I was competing purely for fun, and through volunteering a few hours at the event did not have to pay to participate. It was a really good time, have a few scrapes and bruises and I'm sure my legs will be jello tomorrow as 3/4th of the course was uphill. I have not pumped my legs so hard in a very long time. I thought I was good doing my 10 hill sprints per week but nah, far from it. I need to implement at least one weekly jog (I fucking hate jogging) but maybe if I can find a good trail with some hills I'd be more inclined to do it. My immediate surroundings do offer some hills and I used to run a 5k distance almost daily, but upon starting primal I all but forgot about it. I should take it up again.

      I won't spoil the obstacles -- and I'm sure they differ depending on where it's happening geographically -- but one of them involved crawling for a considerable distance and upon finishing that my quads wanted to cramp up something awful. I've never felt that before in my life. I imagine it was because I was pumping up the hills but they got a relative break during the crawling portion. That feeling lasted towards the end. It wasn't until I was able to stretch them out and get some food and fluids that it went away. I felt like if I straightened my leg it would get locked in place, that didn't happen but that was the feeling I had.

      All in all it was a great time. Next time I want to be more competitive, this time I was stopping a lot to wait for my gf or to help her through the obstacles but she liked it a lot and wants to start working on her conditioning more so we're going to start adding some weekly runs and hill training whenever possible. It's just tough to do it with our schedules.

      So, was anybody in Tuxedo yesterday or doing it today? Tell us about it ...
      I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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        This looks truly like obscene amounts of fun =D
        'd love to be in the US for that !
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