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New to Maffetone method - Need advice please

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  • New to Maffetone method - Need advice please

    I have recently finished the book Primal Endurance and was very interested in science behind the fat-adapted approach to endurance training. I have not had any real issues with the modified, low carb diet as opposed to a more typical high carb, low fat diet I was accustomed to during endurance training. My problem has been with the heart rate driven training plain to build base miles. While training with my Garmin heart rate alert set to stay in aerobic mode, I've been reduced to either having to walk half the time, or going so slow that it is more of a shuffle than a running gate. I'm about 3 weeks in and if anything I'm going even slower trying to keep under the designated heart rate than when I started.

    I've tried finding someone in Houston where I live that practices the primal endurance (Maffeone) method to get advice but have been unsuccessful. I found your group on the web and I'm hoping you can help me with some guidance or point me to some resources that can help. When should I expect to see improvement? Am I better off trying to run a moderate pace until the HRM alert then walk or do the super slow shuffle trying to stay under the HR limit continuously?

    Before I made the switch to try the primal endurance method, I was running 4-5 x week, with mid-week runs at 3-5 miles and a longer run of 8-9 miles on the weekend. Long run pace between 9:30 - 9:45/mile. Now I'm "running" 12:00+ to 13:00+ mile pace. I'd really like to make this system work and become fat-adapted but it is very discouraging. Now the summer heat/humidity combo is fully on us here which can jack up the heart rate 10bpm just walking out the door. I've stopped running with my regular running group because it is just too e

    I appreciate any help you can give me.

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    You might want to try listening to the Primal Endurance Podcasts. Much of the content of these is aimed at people who have a hard time slowing it down to build the base. You can go here to check out the episodes, a brief description and links for listening:
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      Maffetone method is about staying within that 10bpm zone, so you would do whatever pace keeps you right in that range.

      You measure progress with this method based on that same zone in and out. Here is his info:

      Primal endurance is informed by/inspired by Dr. Maffetone. No doubt about that, but I dont believe them to be completely synonymous.
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