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Want to do a Warrior Dash in August...

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  • Want to do a Warrior Dash in August...

    Any advice? I'm doing a 5K in 2 weeks, and that'll be the longest run I've ever done.

    Is there anything I should focus on to make sure I'm prepped and I can get through it?

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    Hey, those look like fun! Not doing the one in the Carolinas by chance, are you?

    Training? Looks like you ought to find a local obstacle course and run it as fast as possible. Repeat x5.


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      Actually, it will be the Carolinas one if we do it!

      And I think you're probably about right. I'm not sure if there's much else you can do.


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        Huntersville, that is about 2 hours from me, maybe I will think about doing it.

        So, looking at it more closely, it is 3.08 miles, so you have that covered with your 5K run. Other than that, it looks like some balancing and climbing, so I would think just a routine that keeps you in shape for your 5k and gets you some good core and upper body training would be suitable. Lots of ways to get that. Head for the nearest playground, run some sprints then go crazy on the playground equipment.

        Man, I was just looking at the finishers list for the one in Arizona. 6500 people, can that be right? That is some crazy popularity. Finishing times from low 20 minutes to 1.5 hours. Looks like some people have more fun with it than others. ;-)


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          I'm doing the Warrior Dash in Maryland next weekend. I cannot wait and I will let you know how it goes. I don't plan on taking it too seriously though. I look forward to wearing costumes with fake tattoos and going through it will my buddies.


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            some of us up here in Chapel Hill/Carrboro are looking at coming down for the Warrior Dash.
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