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  • Insulin/Leptin Sensitivity

    I recently found out about the "paleo/primal" diet about a month ago. I lost about 45lbs(185-140, Im 5'10, while maintaining strength) over a 2 year period eating 600+ carbs per day. Anyway, I still decided to switch to "paleo" for awhile to experiment (about two months now), and have noticed I do feel better eating whole "paleo" foods.

    I am very active, I lift 3 or 4 days a week, do a lot of walking, and sprint a few days a week. Basically, I feel great for the most part, but notice that by the weekend I feel like I need a carb re-feed. I have been re-feeding probably every 5 days. So, 4 days of VLC (50 or lower) and 1 day of high (500+ carbs).

    I am curious if I can maintain insulin/leptin sensitivity eating like this? I do feel much better after my carb re-feed but am definitely willing to compromise if re-feeding this much would compromise health.

    Edit: I play baseball, so I wanted to lose weight to add speed, while hoping to maintain strength..
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    I can't answer your question directly but ... have you read Mastering Leptin by Byron Richards? I am on my second reading and think it is a good representation of the problems we all face. Your cravings my indicate you are switching between Leptin/Insulin resistant and sensitivity, which from what I can gather is not a good thing. Sorry I can't say more, but I am not an expert on it, and would only be drawing from the book.

    Good Luck!
    Here is his site... loads of info.
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