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    I'm pretty pissy when it comes to unnecessarily doing things in the rack, but shoulder presses are fine by me.
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      When I do squats and OH press in the same day, I just check to make sure that nobody is waiting for a rack, as a courtesy. If someone is, I'll do something in between and then come back to the rack.


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        I've always preferred the overhead press with dumbbells, myself.


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          Originally posted by Apex Predator View Post
          I'm pretty pissy when it comes to unnecessarily doing things in the rack, but shoulder presses are fine by me.
          IA. When you're doing heavy OH presses it helps to do them in the squat rack with the safeties set, in case you fail on a rep and/or need to drop the bar. I squat, deadlift, bench (off the pins), and OH press in the squat rack, fortunately I'm pretty much the only person in my gym who uses it, everyone else is on the machines or doing bicep curls
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            The press should be done with an olympic barbell in the squat rack - you shouldn't have to clean the weight before the first lift, you should just lift it from shoulder height out of the rack. Squat-rack-hogger scorn is reserved for biceps curls, posing, -- and yeah, those are the same guys anyhow. I think half the exercises done with free weights in a typical gym are curls. Weird when you think about it.
            Also people who use squat racks for their metcons annoy me because you never know when they're done and if you are doing a metcon you should be doing dangerously heavy weights anyhow.
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              Originally posted by Owly View Post
              You can solve that problem by finding a gym with more than one rack.
     took my gym 5 years to get 1, I doubt 2 is coming anytime soon

              Regardless, the cage is for ANY kind of heavy lifting in which safety and support might be an issue. Thats why the crash bars and the rackpoint is adjustable. Anyone who gets pissy because it is a "squat cage" is being rude.
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