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    Stats first
    Eating primal for just over 1 year (was right around 265-270 when I started)

    So...While I am trying not to actively track my weight and am trying to focus more on my body comp, weight is still one way I do track things and 185 was my original goal when I started this over a year ago.
    I have been doing Crossfit since Nov and have seen some great gains from that in strength and in stamina and in general health. I now go 4-5 times a week. Recently I have started to add in quick runs around the neighborhood. Typically I will run 1 loop, which is 1 mile. I push myself so that I get the heart rate up there...This now takes me about 7 minutes. No huge desire to go much further on the distance but I have ran a slow 5k through my neighborhood and I did that in 30 minutes. No chance of chronic cardio here...I despise running for the most part. As the weather gets better, I will replace most of that with long hikes in the mountains!!
    Food intake, since I have been doing this for a year, I have it pretty well dialed in. My average meals are right around the following per day
    2k calories
    Under 50g carbs
    1-1.5g protein daily per lb of lean body mass
    and fat...(typically 60+% of daily caloric intake)
    I also supplement with Vitamin D, Multivitamin, Fish oil and occasionally protein powder if I just don't feel like a can of tuna or salmon.
    Come May, I will be out of town for a month in a high stress situation, traveling around the country, working 15+ hour days and this is where my question comes in..PHEW that was a lot of words for this...
    I am going to start ramping up my Crossfit for all of April to get a jump on my lost month of May. Typical schedule will be:
    Sundays--Always off (box is closed)
    2x a week I will be doing a 2x a day to focus on strength training. Right now I am tracking my calories in and I think I might be hindering myself as I put in that I still want to lose 1lb a week. This has me at about 2200 calories per day. But to be honest, I really have no clue if that is enough when I am doing Crossfit.
    I know that one of the basics of Primal is we shouldn’t have to worry about counting our calories…but while I have no problems maintaining my weight, I have been in the 197 range since Jan, I am staying right at the same weight pretty much no matter what I do. I know that I have had body comp changes in that time and that I have had good gains at the gym as well, but I just want to make sure that I am not shortchanging myself by missing something.
    When a person is getting closer to reaching their goal---should they start paying more attention to the calories?
    For those who do Crossfit or other forms of HIIT, do you find that your caloric needs have risen quite a bit?
    I am guessing I will really need to raise my intake on the 2x days…or should I just experiment with giving up counting for the month…
    Primal was so easy to start, but now that I am getting more into the “nitty gritty” I feel like I am getting caught up on all the small stuff…

    Any advice for me as I start my new activity levels in April.

  • #2 after thinking about this, I have decided to just get back to basics..
    I am just going to stop counting calories for the next month. Eat what my body tells me to eat (of course following primal ideals..)
    The few changes I will be making is cutting back on most of the fruit I am eating, which isnt much anyways..and also cutting dairy back to zero. Right now its a very small amount of my intake but its gonna get smaller