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  • Cycling and Primal...

    Hi Folks...

    First post... Been doing the primal thing for two months now and it has been LIFE CHANGING... But that's a different thread...

    I am come'n up on 50 and an avid cyclist. Mountain, road, nice bike, trash bike, new bike, old bike. Commute year round.. ya get the picture.

    Around here, if'n ya don't ride during the "cold" and snowy months ya dont ride enough (how can ya stay off the wheel for 4 or 5 months?). So I have been on the saddle, but only 8 - 10 mile round trip little jaunts...

    I am trying to get a good grasp of how to handle the summer months and the increased distances. We usually knock out 3 or 4 centuries a summer (some leisure, some push'n it), but I am going to knock that down to 1 or 2.

    Wanted to get other cyclists (of any type) experiences, suggestions, warnings... what ever...

    Also wanted to say hi to everyone! I am SO stoked about the control I have over my life... I have not felt this before. Eating RIGHT has done so much for me, I can barely shut up about it!


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    Welcome. I am a cyclist and multisport athlete and have been primal about a year. I race year round, and have great success with the primal diet.

    First , if you have a some pounds to lose, this lifestyle will help tremendously. My body weight has always been a limiting factor in my performance. Since going primal, I lost about 20 lbs, and it has made a huge differnce in my training.

    Second, time your carbs with your workouts. For workouts over an hour, I normally take a larabar or two with me, and use chocolate milk as a recovery drink. Other than that, I try to get the recomended amout of protien, and fat. Have you read the Paleo Diet for Athletes? It spells out of the carb timing in great detail.

    Last, cross train! This is one of the most important things most people miss. I do interval workouts with weights and bodyweight excerises. Many cyclists neglect this part of training. It made a massive difference for me, and I am a stronger person, and cyclist.

    Good Luck!
    Merry Spinmas!!!


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      Well I am just a commuter although my commute is about 22 miles roundtrip on a heavy mountain/touring bike (roughly 35lbs, there is a photo in my journal). Last year I did around 1700 miles and even do cold weather commutes like today when it was 29F when I left.

      I place cycling in my "movement at low intensity" activity. I don't try and race other commuters although I do sometimes get my heart rate up a a bit more on my ride home which has a lot of uphill. I find that if I don't turn my commute into chronic cardio I only get home/work about 5 minutes slower and can do my commute more frequently (two to three times a week) plus all the other stuff I do, lots of kettlebells, bodyweight, sandbags, yard work, keeping track of two small kids, etc..

      I did find my commute get a lot easier after I focused on interval training and I have been shocked how the bodyweight squat variations as in the book "Convict Conditioning" have made cyclying easier on my joints and muscles.

      I'm probably not the best comparison because I don't do any other cycling, e.g., I've never done a century and don't want to, nor do I own a road bike. I don't eat any differently, although I do tend to have some more carbs after a tough ride home, say 1 or 2 small sweet potatoes.


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        Do you eat before a workout? I workout first thing in the morning and wait to eat breakfast-- but I think I need something in my system even if it is 5 minutes before starting. What do you think?


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          I'm a regular long distance cyclist and triathlete, and getting ready for a 7 day / 1000mile ride this summer, and I went primal 2 months ago. As above, losing weight has been great

          The other biggie for me is spending a lot of training time < 75% of max HR. Feels really, really, really slow the first few times, and you'll want to be riding on your own rather than with your buddies but after a month I found the rides getting quicker and quicker, still with a low HR. I'm mixing up the long, slow rides and 1 pretty hard interval session / a week either 3 lots of 5 x 2 minutes riding hard up a hill, or 3 x 20 minute 'time trial' efforts.

          on the long rides, I've gone from working at about 85% MHR and needing to eat a carb bar or drink every hour, to 70/75% and only eating once on the century ride I did last week. I refuel with some wholemeal bread or some potato when i get home.

          I recon I'm about 1 or 2 mph slower, but finish the rides in much better shape than I used to - which will be handy, come my big ride in June!!