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  • Joint health?

    My joints are weak. I've had 3 cases of tendonitis, an injured ankle and 2 shoulder problems.
    What am I doing wrong? I don't overexert myself very often, I eat a healthy diet and try to get enough sun.
    Are there specific things I can eat/drink/do to improve the strength of my joints? All help is appreciated.
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    Could it be overuse? I found that to be my problem. I was working out too much, too many reps, and the overuse type syndrome really kicked in. Now, less is more for me. I used to workout 6-7 days per week, but now I do three weight training days of right around 45 minutes, and daily walking of 3-5 miles. That's it. Sometimes I will add in a day of core work, but not often. My joints have thanked me.


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      Strengthen the surrounding muscles. The joints will be better supported that way, and you'll have less injury risk. Training helps to strengthen connective tissues as well as muscles. Also, eat your bone broth.
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        That is sound advice. A lot of time this sort of thing is a structural problem, and gelatin protein combined with training sounds like the prescription.

        I like this article by Ray Peat. He claims to know of many who have resolved joint issues with gelatin Gelatin, stress, longevity
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          When I am vitamin D deficient, one of my major symptoms is tendinitis. Do you know what your D3 levels are?

          Bone broths/bone marrow are a great idea too.
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            I will have to look into gelatin. I've been having similar problems. I don't over train. I get lots of D3. Was told by physical therapist to strengthen surrounding muscles, which I have been doing for at least a month. But still in serious pain right now, again.

            (I also tend to have brittle nails.)
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              i take glucosamine omega 3 fish oils and cod liver oil which also boosts vitamin d
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