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  • Training for a marathon?

    Any other primal peeps training to run a marathon this year? When and where is the big day?

    I'm training to run the San Francisco marathon on July 31st and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not the only MDA junkie who will be there. Anyone else?
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    I wouldn't be surprised if you were the only MDA junkie. Marathoning isn't exactly encouraged. How do you plan on training for it without turning it into chronic cardio?

    There is a half marathon coming up in the fall and I think I will run that one. No training, just show up and run it. I did two half marathons in 2007 and 2008 with training, so it'd be a hoot to see how well I do without.
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      She'll do fartlek. Oh and I doubt I'll manage to find an official marathon close to me, but I might trail run that far if I don't stop myself.
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        I plan on doing a half in the fall in Nashville TN. I am just doing short runs two days a week with a long slow run on Sundays. Other days I am just taking long walks on our 100 acre farm and riding my bike on our long country roads. This will be my first half marathon. I took up running last year to lose weight and gain energy. I ran my first 5 and 10 k races last year. Good luck


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          If I'm selling my soul to chronic cardio for the next few months, so be it. I'm willing to do it in order to check off a big item on my bucket list. Luckily, the only runs that are truly tough are the once-weekly long runs and those can be done slowly - my goal is simply to finish. I've gotten some great advice from runners here who have been there and done that - several of whom will do so again, and will be using my head and listening to my body. My plan is to eat primally through the entire training process and I was encouraged to learn that it's totally possible and many runners do it.

          Thanks for the the good luck wishes, trob. Good luck to you on your race in the Fall!
          Life is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.

          - Robert Louis Stevenson


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            Like Grumpy Caveman I've run half and full marathons before with nothing but my sprint training, some daily walks and lots of LHT - it is entirely possible.
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              I am training for White Rock Marathon on December 4 this year. I found a couple of different training plans for it, Hal Higdon's and the SmartCoach on Runner'sWorld. I only started running Jan, but I am pretty excited about it.

              Way to go Jen for going after a goal! Keep us posted on your training!!!


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                My partner is running one at the beginning of June. He's primal, but higher carb than most to support his training. His team's coach eats mostly primal (and recognized my partner's Grok t-shirt!) so he's got some support there. I bought a copy of Cordain's Paleo Diet for Athletes, which has also been helpful, and one of the coaches at our CF box is helping with planning workouts, doing supportive strength stuff, and teaching some good mobility work to alleviate some of the damage.
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                  Originally posted by GoJenGo View Post
                  Any other primal peeps training to run a marathon this year?
                  I'm not. But just for fun, here's the counter-argument to the "running will give you heart disease" scaremongers.

                  Sweat Science » “Cardio causes heart disease”: misinterpreting science for fun and profit

                  Not to mention:

                  Running slows the aging clock, Stanford researchers find - Office of Communications & Public Affairs - Stanford University School of Medicine

                  Go ahead and enjoy your running, fear-free. I do.



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                    I just ran my first marathon on Sunday. The Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach. I ate primal during the training, and used the FIRST training plan. The plan uses two shorter runs during the week, and one long weekend run. Also, It recommends cross training 4-5 a week. Interval training, and weight lifting were my cross training.

                    If I could do it again, I would get in more base running. It would help develop the muscles and joints to handle the demands of higher milage. Of the 16 weeks I trained, I missed about 10 days of training because of soreness, and overuse.

                    It was on my bucket list as well. I have done endurance sports for the last 10 years, and felt it was time to try a full marathon, and I am glad I did.

                    Good Luck
                    Merry Spinmas!!!


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                      I ran my 1st half marathon last month. I really wanted to train, but winter season is filled with many many work hours for me. Luckily I have a dog now & so I am "forced" to at least walk a couple/three miles every day. Well, luckily for me this event was in Florida. I live at 9000ft so I think that worked on my advantage! I completed this event in 2:41 which was way faster than I thought I would. I did a combination of run/walk the 1st couple miles, slow run most of the rest with combo for the last 2. I only suffered from (expected) muscle soreness for the next few days.
                      I have already signed up to do the same event next year, but the whole 26.2 miles. So I figure I had better train. My sister & her buddies are in to the "Galloway" method of run-walk-run, so I am starting out with some of that. I am adding sprints & bodyweight excercises also. I also am going to try another half in August in Vail, which is at a slightly lower altitude. It will be about half-way on the calender between now & when I attempt the full.
                      I am trying to keep this as 'primal" as possible, but like the rest of ya, this is just a personal "everest" I'd like to say I've done. Plus the bling looks sweet on my cubicle corner!!
                      I'm gonna check out that FIRST business, simplyryde! I think between that, pbf, & Galloway I will develop my own hybrid that works for me, the dog, & my crazy schedule
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                        Originally posted by Peggy View Post
                        I ran my 1st half marathon last month. I completed this event in 2:41
                        I first read this as "I ran my first marathon last month" and I was all
                        I didn't like the rules you gave me, so I made some of my own.

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                          Originally posted by simplyryde View Post
                          I just ran my first marathon on Sunday. The Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach.
                          Shamrock was my first marathon as well, my first ever race, actually. Do they still give out free beer at the finish line?

                          I can't wait for Spring to actually get here.. I think living in VA for the last six years has made me soft and now I don't have the motivation to run unless it's warm-hot outside.


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                            I was going to do a spring marathon but decided not to. At this point I will have several half marathons this summer and probably a marathon in November. Assuming I get my butt moving again soon.
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                              I am signed up to do a relay marathon in January 2012. I am running the second 13.1, so Ia m doing just a half marathon. It's at Disney (I've completed 2 full marathons there, plus 2 halfs, a 15K and 10K at disney as well). I use a run/walk method and will do so again. I've never been a "real" runner, I do these races purely for the fun atmosphere. And since I haven't run since this past January's half, I am looking forward to seeing how my body will do with Primal and running. Should be interesting.
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