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    forgive me if this has already been asked a million times...but im confused..

    how much protein should a lifter be taking in on primal..

    im experienced..have lifted almost 5 years...doing mostly compound movements..even did a figure show about a year ago!

    prior to primal, i did about 1.5grams protein per pound of actual Body weight..

    now, i do about 1 grams per pound of LEAN body probably eating a good 50-75 grams of protein LESS this way...

    am i doing it right...? meaning replacing some of the protein with fat for energy?

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    I usually aim for a range of 1g per lb of lean to 1g per pound of bodyweight with a target somewhere close to 1g per lb of ideal bodyweight. Complex I know but I usually like to have a wide range to work with.
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      Here's a timely post. Too much protein isn't all that good for you ...

      Perfect Health Diet Protein for Athletes



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        If your aim is to build muscle and gain size, a positive nitrogen balance is optimal, at least temporarily. In a round about way, this is what certain anabolic steroids achieve.
        Eating a diet rich in alkalizing vegetables helps to balance the ledger.

        The best diet for building muscle in and the healthiest diet are pretty much mutually exclusive. Finding a balance between the two is tricky.


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          Originally posted by Dave_o View Post
          The best diet for building muscle in and the healthiest diet are pretty much mutually exclusive.
          Good point. Makes me happy to be old and happily married.



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            I agree and I try to stay in the range from one to one and a half grams per lb of lean body mass. I don't see a point eating more protein than that unless there are steroids in play. Instead of adding more fat in for energy, you might think about carb cycling with some sweet potatoes for extra energy. Fat can not replenish your body's glycogen supply in your muscles and liver. Only carbs (and protein but only to a very minor extent through neoglucogenesis) can do that. While over eating carbs is bad having some is a good thing.