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Adapting Primal to elite, age-group swimming performance

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  • Adapting Primal to elite, age-group swimming performance

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and need help:

    Am age 57, ranked nationally in sprint swimming events, yet am currently in the burn out, sick, tendonitis-state (elbow with ongoing shoulder problems) that Mark describes in his book. I train w/ a local team doing pretty intense interval workouts of about 3.5 to 4K yards 3-4 times/per week. When injuries permit, some dry-land work is thrown in.

    I need to rest, recover and reboot my training with Primal in mind, but not sure how to adapt the training regimen to sprint swimming events. It seems hard to get in enough sport-specific sprint training on only one (challenging) swim workout per week. Anyone in similar situation that can offer ideas? Would really appreciate it.

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    Focus on the rest and recover first and foremost. It might be a longer lay out of the water than you would like. I assume you have a PT giving you recovery specific to your injury? That will probably give you all the adaptations for LHT.

    When you do return to the water, use the water for your low intensity stuff.

    While you heal do not do high intensity that taxes your injury. Get on an elliptical or a stationary bike or run or what ever is least injurious. Personally I wouldnt do any high intensity at all until you are through the recovery process to the point that your PT wants you back in the water. If you are burned out take a high intensity break. If you start getting antsy, then you can look at intervals or sprints on alternate cardio forms...something that will give your c-v system the workout but not aggravate your injuries. When your TIME in the water is up to about 60%-80% of normal training volume ...all at low intensity...if you feel no symptoms then you can start to gently work in the more agressive strokes or workouts on a cautionary basis.

    Long term you may want to revamp your work with the team, or how many workouts you do with the team and how many you do on your own. I know that can be difficult with a coached team. And then continue the Lifting to help prevent further injury. Maybe you only train with the team twice a week and do your own thing the rest of the week.

    How long have you been primal eating? I found that my tendonitis healed rapidly when I started eating PB and I was able to ramp my training back up much faster than expected.
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      Doug, I take it you read about Mark finishing 4th in the Hawaiian Iron Man after a period of not being able to train much. I used to belong to a running group that trained successful long distance runners on two sprint sessions and one long slow walk per week.
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        Mark's advice is for life long fitness, not elite sport competition. My take away for sport training was spend less time on GPP (General Physical Preparadness) by doing the intense stuff off season. On season you need that SPP ( Sport Physical Preparadness), which means pay close attention to your recovery.

        1.) Meaning good sleep

        2.) Good Eats

        And if you are in burn out, you may need to take a break. While doing 1 and 2.
        If your food is fast, maybe you should fast.


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          Thank you all for insight. Very helpful.
          I've only been eating primally for about 3 weeks runnergal. It's very early.

          I will focus on recovery first. I do believe and would like to try such a program Hedonist. My biggest hurdle is the social aspect of the camaraderie and friendly competition in the pool during workouts. No room for such stuff, except possibly a few sprints once a week.

          Much to think about. Thanks again!


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            I would think about keeping the swimming and reading the post about the IM triathlete who is primal and still races IM at the elite level.