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They were so close...

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  • They were so close...

    The first page of the article sounded Primal and then they just missed the mark.

    Nice to see main stream media starting to move this way though.

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    I think they came very close especially considering their target audience is hard core endurance cyclers. You are talking a community that has been pounded with the 70% carb, 20% fat, 10% protein, sports drink, sports bars, pasta, rice, toast, etc. Many have been led to believe that you absolutely can not train with out sports" foods"

    The main non primal arguments (eat breakfast, eat every 3-4 hours) may have more validity in the endurance cycling world than someone following a PBF style program.

    Friel is paleo...So the lack of saturated fat recommendation is to be expected, but the 50% fat, although low for many PB'ers is probably about right for an endurance athlete. The difference will come in protein/carb split, which may be different if you are talking about a elite cyclist who may never had metabolic syndrome and a weekend warrior. Unfortunately all of the endurance sports magazines take advice that may be spot on for an elite and extrapolate it to the rest of us.

    Part of the problem with the article is they had multiple sources, so in one section they say 50% carb and in another they say 50% fat.
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